CyberKnights Robotics

Kimberlin’s CyberKnights robotics team was started in 2015. Third, fourth and fifth graders try out for the team and have an opportunity to practice after school on Thursdays. Teams work together to build a robot which will compete in VEX IQ tournaments.

Each team designs their robot to score the maximum number of points during the game. They also work on programming the robots to run by themselves. Tournaments are set up so that all teams must work together in order to score the most points.

Our first Kimberlin robotics students competed at VEX IQ Worlds and are now at Austin Academy. Those students return to Kimberlin to mentor our students by helping with robot design and builds, programming, and skills challenges. 

In the spring of 2021, four teams from Kimberlin went to the World Champion Competition. Inthe Live Remote Skill, 202 teams competed from all over the world. Teams in the skills event compete against other teams to score the most points while driving and programming within 1 minute. Our 3rd Grade Team E (driver Dylan Bozarth, coder Chengez Ahmed, team members Kaia Austin, Cate Coker, Rocco & Gianna Marranca) competed against 50 other teams in their division and finished in 26th place with a driving score of 104, programming score of 2, and combined score of 106. Our 4th Grade Team D (world drivers Collin Pham, Matthew Owen; Drew Howell, Zachary Mohan, Nathan Moges; coder - Matthew Owen; team members Rylie Labombard) competed against 50 other teams in their division and finished in 10th place in their division and overall with a driving score of 141, programming score of 141, and combined score of 282. Team D is ranked 19 IN THE WORLD with their 282 skills score.

In the live Remote Tournament, 95 teams competed this week from all over the world. Teams in the live remote event work together to score the most points possible within 1 minute. Our 4th Grade Team C (world drivers Mackenzie Edwards, Salome Lozano, Reagan Armstrong; Kaleigh Anthony & Verity Armour audible callers) competed with other teams from the US, as well as Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan. They had their highest score of the year with 117, finished 20th in their division during the 7 qualification matches, and finished 8th overall in their division. Our 5th Grade Team A (drivers Arora Ngo, Mark Cook, Isaiah Garcia, Markos Lira, Kaitlyn Herrera) competed with other teams from the US, as well as teams from Australia, South Korea, Mexico, and Russia. They had their highest score of the year with 274, finished first in their division during the 7 qualification matches, and finished 3rd overall in their division. Team A is also ranked 16 IN THE WORLD for their skills score of 308 (104 programming and 204 driving). We are proud of the hard work and effort you have done this year! 


K-Kids stands for Kiwanis Kids and is a student-led community service organization.  Our goal is to develop leadership potential by working together in service to our school and community. Through this service, our members develop strong moral character by learning the value of helping others. 

K-Kids Share Kindness Cards

Our K-Kids, a branch of the Kiwanis Club, is back in action! Our December meeting is all about sharing joy with many wonderful people at Brookdale Senior Living. Knowing that so many are not able to see family as much as before, we are writing and illustrating personalized holiday cards for each resident. Even though we’d rather go in person to shake a hand, share a smile, or get to know new faces, we’re glad to be able to give a little of ourselves in this way.

Our K-Kids meet monthly to take on a variety of community service projects. We do everything from cleaning up campus, sponsoring Cupid Cards at Valentine’s, finding sweet ways to appreciate our teachers, and supporting local needs. All 4th and 5th grade students are welcome to be part of our K-Kids.

Bags for Good Samaritan of Garland

This month K-Kids decorated grocery sacks for Good Samaritan and the food drive. The bags will be used to hold the food items we have collected in our food drive. The kids hope to spread some joy and a personal touch to those in need.

Sponsors: Charlotte Ballard, Don Koerner, Breanna Molix, and LuAnn Engleman

The K-Kids’ pledge:

“As a K-Kid, I promise to serve my neighborhood and my school; I will show respect toward my environment; and I will try to make the world a better place in which to live.”

Knights of Service

Our small group of 5th grade Knights take on big challenges! We chose to help local agencies provide a better Christmas for Garland ISD students by hosting our own toy drive.  We planned, organized, and promoted our project to our fellow Knights and their families. We are so excited to share that our Kimberlin gave over 175 new toys in 2020!  

knights with toys
2 students in box with toys







Our next project is to find big and small ways to encourage our fellow students and staff members to take care of themselves and others. We are bringing some warmth to Kimberlin this January with positive messages and random acts of kindness. We are staying safe and staying strong, all together as one big team!


Special Days (some may be suspended due to Covid restrictions)