Help from Northplace

There are many exciting things that Northplace Church is planning for our GISD community:

1. Kids will be returning to the classroom soon. To help families transition back to the classroom, we are hosting a Back to the Classroom Drive-thru Bash! This Wednesday, September 2, at 3:00 PM we will be handing out backpacks, school supplies, and more until supplies run out.  If you know of families in need, please let them know of this event:  Wednesday, September 2 @ Northplace Church Garland, 2761 Oakland Ave, Garland.

2. We know that some families are choosing to keep their kids at home this semester due to the concerns of COVID, classroom sizes, etc. We know that thus far, the virtual school has been a great success for the majority of families but there are still some families that have struggled for various reasons. One of them being poor internet connections. In response to these families, Northplace Garland is opening  Remote Virtual Classroom (RVC). We are compliant with COVID restriction and maintaining physical distancing and keeping our classrooms very small. We are staffed and parents can drop off their students or do school in our building.  Our doors will open from 8 AM - 3 PM, Monday - Friday. If you would like to know more about our RVC or if you know families that would benefit from it, please reach out to Sonya Reynolds at my contact below.

3. In partnership with Dallas County Community Colleges, beginning on Tuesday, October 6th, we will start our Adult Education Program.  Every Tues & Thur evening (6 PM - 8 PM) we will offer the following classes, Adult ESL, GED, and El Civics (citizenship preparation). If you know families that might be interested in this program, please share this information. 

Thank you,

Sonya Reynolds  

Sonya Reynolds

Director, School Care Program

Northplace Church

A 2800 Pleasant Valley Rd, Sachse TX 75048

P (469) 323-6624