Enriched art

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Academy students who qualify for the program as Talented in Art may take Enriched Art class.  The Enriched Art curriculum focuses on art production, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics.

Students participating in Enriched Art can expect to…

  • Learn about and investigate art
  • Create works of art
  • Write about art
  • Talk about art

Contact Enriched Art instructor Laura Harms via email.

Students practicing watercolor painting technique


Third graders practice watercolor techniques as they prepare to create seascape paintings like those of American artists Whistler and Homer.


Student painting using aboriginal dot technique


Fourth graders study the art and culture of aboriginal Australians and create artworks by using aboriginal Australian dot style and acrylic painting techniques. 



Students showing off their Egyptian sculptures


Fifth graders learned about ancient Egypt and created three dimensional papier mâché sculptures.



Child Paiting


 Second Grade students creating Middle Ages   style illuminated manuscript pages.





Are you interested in participating in Enriched Art? Please visit the GISD Gifted/Talented web page. Parents must complete the online Talented Application during the annual application period in the fall.