Character Counts

Character Counts at Kimberlin


Our school counseling program focuses on helping every student become the best version of themselves. One important way we do this is continually promoting an environment where we educated the whole child: mind, heart, and body. Classroom teachers devote time every day to our school-wide social and emotional learning program. During this time, students learn valuable skills that enhance their connection to school community, increase positive behaviors, and support academic success. 


We also feel students best learn leadership skills by serving others. Our program focuses on creating a culture of courtesy and compassion. Community service opportunities are led through groups such as K-Kids and Knights of Service, and all students can join in. Our participation in The Great Kindness Challenge in January guided students to complete random acts of kindness in class and independently. We host school-wide donation drives throughout the year. These drives give other opportunities for all students to have “hands-on” fun doing kind things for others. We know that we also “fill our own buckets” with joy when we encourage others.  



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