Advanced Placement

Lakeview Centennial High School offers advanced placement courses in a wide variety of subjects. Students enrolled in these college-level courses may take an examination in the spring, the results of which are used by many colleges and universities to award college credit.

"The AP Program challenges students, rewards their achievements, eases the transition to college, and may ease the financial burden of college," according to Wade Curry, AP Program Director.

Students who complete AP courses are:

  • better prepared academically
  • more likely to specialize in stringent majors
  • more likely to complete more college work in four (4) years
  • found to perform slightly better than peers who did not take AP courses
  • more likely to exercise leadership
  • twice as likely to go into advanced study (Ph.D., medicine, law)

The cost of an AP exam is small compared to the average cost per course in public or private universities. We encourage you to consider enrolling in one or more of the many GISD AP courses which give you an opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.

All students enrolled in AP courses are encouraged to register and take your AP exams. The AP exams provide college bound students important test taking experiences, and more importantly, college credit may be earned from the AP exams.