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Lakeview's College of Business is designed to engage students with interests in business, marketing, and finance. The College of Business combines the strength of education with practical business experience and leadership opportunities. The goal of the School of Business is to empower the students to become competent, productive citizens in a diverse global marketplace, promoting and supporting academic excellence. Specialized course work will prepare students for career success immediately after they graduate high school. Incentives to this program are the number of certificates students can earn as they move through the program's fields of study. Many of the graduates of the School of Business go on to earn college degrees, and that means an average lifetime earnings twice that of a high school graduate. There are four strands of study: Finance, Marketing, Information Technology and General Business.

Students may select from the sequence of courses listed below which are recommended for grades 9-12. The CCM courses are unique to Lakeview Centennial High School. Dual Credit (DC) and Tech Prep courses are also available for some courses (see the Online Course Guide.) The students will have the opportunity to get involved with the following organizations: Business Professional of America (BPA) or Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA). Get involved and get ahead!

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For more information contact  Ivan Luna or Chris McMillan at 972-240-3740

9th Grade

  • 8591 Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
  • 8593 Money Matters
  • 8602 Touch System Data Entry—Keyboarding (semester) or
  • 8667 (DC) Touch System Data Entry—Keyboarding (semester)
  • 8601 Touch System Data Entry—Keyboarding or
  • 8666 (DC) Touch System Data Entry—Keyboarding
  • 8228 CCM Retailing & E-tailing
  • 8227 CCM Entrepreneurship or
  • 8233 (DC) CCM Entrepreneurship

10th Grade

  • 8599 Banking & Financial Services
  • 8606 Business Law or
  • 8674 (DC) Business Law
  • 8604 Accounting I or
  • 8672 (DC) Accounting I
  • 8610 Business Computer Information Management I
  • 8229 Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • 8612 Advertising & Sales Promotion

11th Grade

  • 8675 (DC) CCM Business Computer Information Management I
  • 8615 Business Computer Information Management II or
  • 8669 (DC) Business Computer Information Management II
  • 8611 Practicum in Business Management I (CP) or
  • 8668 (DC) Practicum in Business Management I (CP)
  • 8607 Accounting II (H)
  • 8597 (DC) Accounting II (H)
  • 8595 CCM Financial Analysis
  • 8N220S Social Media Marketing
  • 8605 Digital and Interactive Media or
  • 8671 (DC) Digital and Interactive Media
  • 8216 Practicum in Marketing (CP I) or
  • 8673 (DC) Practicum in Marketing (CP I)

12th Grade

  • 8617 Practicum in Business Management II (CP) or
  • 8670 (DC) Practicum in Business Management II (CP)
  • 8596 Statistics & Risk Management (For fourth year Math Credit)
  • 8226 Practicum in Marketing (CP II)