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The Classical strand of curriculum from the Classical Centers at Vial Elementary and Brandenburg Middle Schools expands to the high school level. In addition to the piano, dance, Latin and gymnastics courses, LCHS offers a full range of fine arts courses including band, choir, art and theater arts.

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Students may participate in beginning to intermediate ballet and jazz. Advanced dance includes modern dance and tap dance and, finally, performance dance which requires an audition. Emphasis is placed on choreography, production, performance, and dance-related careers.

Piano Lab

Students will be instructed in both group and individual settings. Piano technique and theory is available from the beginner level to advanced. No previous experience is required.


Students will participate in competitive meets on either the Varsity or JV teams. Students meet off campus and transportation is provided. Gymnastics is offered from the beginner to advanced levels.





For more information contact  Ivan Luna or Chris McMillan at 972-240-3740