Television production and broadcasting

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The Television Production Magnet is housed in the same facility as GRS-TV, and is designed to be a hands-on working laboratory for the student. The facility has a fully equipped production studio, an quality control room where students work in a real-world studio environment.

Students also work with a full range of field equipment, including field cameras, lighting and audio gear. Post-production facilities range from a basic editing classroom outfitted with Final Cut Express workstations, to full non-linear edit suites equipped with the latest version of Final Cut Pro Studio.

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Students in the Television Production Magnet will learn:

  • News gathering and story development
  • Skills needed to write for the screen
  • Studio and field production techniques
  • Post production skills
  • News anchor techniques

In addition, a state-of-the-art editing lab has recently been added, in which students receive in-depth training in Final Cut Pro. This editing software is widely utilized in the television and film industries. Following the course, students have the opportunity to take the Apple Certification exam.

Not only does the Television Production Magnet give students the opportunity to work with industry-standard equipment, but also the opportunity to be trained and mentored by faculty and staff who have vast experience in the production and broadcast industries. The goal of the Television Production Magnet is to teach students valuable technical skills, and to prepare them for college and employment in the television industry.

For more information contact  Ivan Luna or Chris McMillan at 972-240-3740