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Students interested in applying for dual credit must complete the dual credit application packet. Dual credit is open to all grade levels.

Printed applications will be available after school starts in the counseling center. Completed application packets need to be submitted by February 26, 2021, to the counseling center or the dual credit/magnet office. TSI testing will be given at Lakeview later in the fall for new applicants who have submitted paperwork.

A hard-copy of this dual credit application packet is also available in the LC Counseling Center.


Dual credit may be viewed as a form of concurrent enrollment. It provides the opportunity for high school students to take college courses that count toward high school graduation requirements. These courses may be taken at the high school or on a college campus during regular school hours. Classes are taught by a high school teacher with appropriate credentials or by a college faculty member. Successful completion of the college level course can earn a student high school credit as well as college credit.

Collegiate Academy/Dual Credit team and teachers
Course Instructor
Accounting 1303 Terri Courtney
BCIS 1405 Mike Nichols
Chemistry 1407 Heather Hillebrenner
College Algebra 1316; Calculus 2413 Amy Davis
MRKG Principles of Marketing 1311  
Education 1300/MAPS Erica Berry Gondran
Humanities 1315  
Music Appreciation 1306 Da'On Boulanger-Chatman & Audra Turner
Personal/Community Health 1304 Jaclynn Page
Spanish 1412, Spanish 2312 Melisa Lebron
Speech 1311 Matt Swain
World Civilization 2322 Paul Ranta