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What is P-TECH?

P-TECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School. P-TECH graduates earn a high school diploma, an industry-recognized associate degree, and relevant work experience in a growing field.

Program Overview

  • Criminal Justice Pathway
    • Students can earn 60 + college credit hours
    • Partnership with Dallas College Eastfield Campus and industry partners
    • Students learn about the development of, adherence to, and protection of various branches of law. Students may learn how to appropriately and legally respond to breaches in the law according to statutory rules and regulations as well as investigate how and why the breaches occurred. 
  • Business Administration Pathway
    • Students can earn 60 + college credit hours
    • Partnership with Dallas College Westfield Campus and industry partners
    • Students learn the skills necessary to formulate policies, manage daily operations and allocate the use of materials and human resources.
  • Partnership with Eastfield College
  • Follows Texas Education Agency P-TECH Model
  • 60+ College Credit Hours
  • Transportation is provided
  • "School Within a School" Model

What are the requirements to enroll?

The application is open to all incoming 9th grade students. Up to 125 students will be selected.

What kind of degree can I earn?

Lakeview Centennial P-TECH students have two degree options: 

  • Associate of Art with a field of study in Business Administration
  • Associate of Arts with a field of study in Criminal Justice
    • Industry Partners
      • Garland Police Department 

What does it cost?

There is no cost to students or their families for tuition or books.

How do I apply?

Parents, please complete the magnet application on Skyward Family Access. Admission is open enrollment. 

For more information contact  Ivan Luna or Chris McMillan at 972-240-3740

Blueprint & benchmarks