Student Activities Director & UIL Coordinator: Dana Terry

Clubs and organizations

Academic Decathlon

Sponsors: Katy Wallace, Jessica Hiestand

Academic Decathlon meet

The Academic Decathlon serves a twofold purpose. First, it provides the opportunity for high school students to experience the challenges and rewards of academic competition. The team is made up of nine members: three A, three B and three C students. These students represent Lakeview in local, regional and state competitions. Second, the Academic Decathlon Team gains positive recognition for the school by promoting goodwill with other schools and displaying Patriot Pride. Any student is eligible to try out for the team. Applications are accepted, and team selections are made in May for the following year. Consideration may also be given for applications received in the fall.

African Student Association

Sponsor: Francois Auguston

The African Student Association (ASA) was established in 2016 at Lakeview Centennial High School. Our main focus is to bring others together to embrace and learn about the unique and diverse African culture through the use of dance, food, and fashion. Our club performs in many events throughout the year such as the Multicultural Show, Black History Month Program, and LC Talent Show.

Animal Rescue Crew

Sponsor: Elizabeth Ngo

Asian Student Appreciation

Sponsor:  TBA

Asian Student Appreciation is an open club where those of all interested identities can meet about once a month to explore Asian culture, experiences and issues. It is a student-centered group, meaning the students decide the topic for each meeting. This can range from a food sampling to martial arts to pop culture or to political topics! We are excited to bring more exposure, dialogue and appreciation to a vital voice at Lakeview. 


Art Club - RightSiders

Sponsor: Julie Gawel

Art Club supports and enhances the love and appreciation of the fine arts. RightSiders normally meets every other Tuesday after school in the Art Studio 1224 from 2:50-3:45 p.m. The club is open to any Lakeview Centennial High School student.


Sponsor: Elizabeth LaClair, Lindsey Pippen

AVID Club is for any student who is currently enrolled in AVID or would like to learn more about AVID. The club is dedicated to the advancement of student success in high school and beyond through the offering of tutorials and other academic strategies. The primary focus of the organization will not only be social, but also as a means for dissemination of academic information.

Baking Club

Sponsor: TBD


Sponsors: Christopher LoydJared Hudler, Joshua Gonzalez

Lakeview Centennial's band is divided into the following groups:

  • Concert Band 9-12
  • Symphonic Band 9-12
  • Wind Symphony 9-12
  • Wind Ensemble 9-12 (Top Performing Organization)
  • Jazz Ensemble 9-12 (By Audition Only)
  • Color Guard 9-12 (By Audition Only)

All members of the band program are assigned by audition to one of four concert bands that meet as curricular classes. New students are auditioned upon arrival. All bands are combined for the Patriot Marching Band.


Varsity Sponsor:  Wendy Jackson

JV Sponsor:  Vanessa Olguin

Freshmen Sponsor:  Julie Wilcox

On the Varsity squad, there will be four cheerleaders from the senior class and four from the junior class, assuming that a total of four are trying out for each class. The remaining Varsity cheerleaders shall be those eight juniors or seniors, in any combination, whose scores place them in the top twelve. There will be twelve Junior Varsity cheerleaders representing the sophomore class. There will be twelve Freshmen cheerleaders representing the freshmen class. High school cheerleaders shall be selected by a scoring method using only the ratings assigned by a panel of judges. The Patriot mascot is selected each year and is considered a member of the Varsity spirit organization.


Sponsors:  TBD

Members participate in weekly informal meetings for the purpose of promoting recreational chess and competitive chess.


Sponsors: Da'On Boulanger-ChatmanAudra Turner

The choral music department exists to provide the students with outstanding experiences in singing. Through Lakeview's three choirs and the pop group, Freedom, students have the opportunity to explore choir by singing music from the Middle Ages to the pop stars of today.

Patriot Women's Chorale (9-12)

No audition required but recommendation of middle school or high school choral director required.
The enrollment of the Women's Chorale consists of freshmen women who were part of the A Cappella choir in their middle school and women who have demonstrated discipline and skill while a part of the choir. The Women's Chorale provides an enriched musical environment in which the student will be challenged in her understanding of choral music while waiting for openings in the A Cappella choir.


Concert Choir (10-12)

Audition required.
The enrollment of the Concert Choir consists of women in grades 10-12 who have demonstrated discipline and skill while a part of the Patriot Women's Chorale. Concert Choir provides an enriched musical environment in which the student will be challenged in her understanding of choral music while waiting for openings in the A Cappella choir.

A Cappella Choir (9-12)

Admittance by audition.
The A Cappella choir is the top choral ensemble at Lakeview Centennial High School. Students enter the A Cappella choir through a stringent audition process which includes teacher recommendations, vocal audition and proven discipline and skill in either the Concert or Patriot Women's Chorale. For the most part, only junior and senior women and sophomore, junior, and senior men are admitted to the A Cappella choir. In the case where an underclassman is exceptionally talented and has demonstrated discipline and significant understanding of choral music, he or she may be admitted to the A Cappella choir. The A Cappella choir performs music at a significantly accelerated level and has regular sectional rehearsals after school, a requirement for attendance of choir concerts at other schools and takes a trip in the spring of the year.


Admittance by audition.
The pop group Freedom is the most select ensemble at Lakeview. Freedom consists of up to twelve singers and a band of five to six instrumentalists. All of the vocalists in the ensemble are required to be members of the A Cappella choir as well. Freedom draws its repertoire exclusively from the popular music of today and the great pop tunes of the 20th century. Members of Freedom must be disciplined and have strong academic and music skills. The ensemble presents numerous programs during the school year and is frequently required to miss class and perform and rehearse in the evenings.

Christ in Action

Sponsors: Heather Hillebrenner

Christ in Action, CIA for short, is a student-led club dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ. We study the Bible and share that information as we go out into the community. Our group is dedicated to outreach work around the community with several opportunities to serve every month. We meet on Wednesdays at 2:40 p.m. in Room 2229. We would love to see you there.

Creative Writing Club - WRIOT

Sponsors: Mark LeeGregory Paschal


Dance Magnet


Sponsor: Chris Fleming

When joining LC DECA, members join more than 200,000 high school students in 5,000 classrooms in 3,500 schools across the world who are preparing for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, management and entrepreneurship. There are opportunities to become academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible and experienced leaders through participation in DECA activities at the local, state, and international levels. From community service projects, competitive events, educational conferences, leadership positions, networking and social media. Students will attain the knowledge and skills needed to be college and career ready, make a difference in the community, go on incredible field trips, compete and make the LC experience even better.

Digital Militia

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor:  TBD

FCA is a Christian organization for any and ALL students who want to promote Christian principles and set a worthy example for other students. Students do not have to be involved in athletics and FCA is a non-denominational organization.


Sponsors: Jennifer KahlerDeborah Rodriguez

FCCLA is one of the largest career and technology student organizations in the United States. The organization encourages personal growth and leadership development in teens through family and consumer sciences. Any student, through the twelfth grade, who is taking or has taken a course in Family and Consumer Sciences can become a member. FCCLA is the only student-led organization with the family as its central focus. Students participate in various projects related to the family, careers and community involvement. 


Sponsor: Larry Jones

Any Lakeview Centennial student enrolled in agriculture classes can become a member of the Texas/National Future Farmers of America Organization through our local FFA chapter. The National FFA is the largest high school "student-run" organization in the world.


Guitar Club

Sponsor:  TBD


Sponsors:  Pamela Bortters, Darjon Hill

The Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is an organization of students interested in the field of health care. The purpose of this organization is to acquaint the students with the many challenges and opportunities available to them within the health care field. The HOSA members will develop leadership qualities by participation in planning and implementing a well-rounded program in the local chapter, in such areas as fundraising, community projects, social activities and program planning. HOSA members will also study and compete in HOSA competitions with the opportunity to advance and place in Area, State and Nationals.

Indian Association LC

Italian Language & Culture Club


Sponsor: Molly DeramusKaty Wallace, Erica Berry Gondran

K-Pop is a club about Korean music with a hint of Korean culture. This is a club where "k-poppers," fans of Korean pop music, can express themselves confidently without the concern of being embarrassed. This club embraces those who are constantly worried about being judged for their "weird" taste of Korean music and helps them become more confident in their appreciation for a different genre of music.

Lakeview Centennial Dance Company (LCDC)

Sponsor: Christal Post

Within the dance magnet program, Lakeview Centennial has an exclusive performance group for 10th, 11th and 12th grade students. LCDC performs at various times throughout the year and also attends a yearly international dance convention. All students interested in auditioning for LCDC have to be accepted into the dance magnet program first.

Latin Club

Sponsor: Dianne Martin


Legacy (Yearbook)

Sponsor: Deanna Hand

Liberty Dolls JV Drill Team

Sponsors:  Imani Williams

The JV drill team shall be part of the school's program of activity. Its main purpose is to promote school spirit by performing in the stands and on the field at junior varsity football and basketball games. Members shall be drawn from freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior students.

LIFE Achievers

Sponsor: Jenny Jones, Ian Griffin, Calvin Turnage

The LIFE Achievers encourage students involved in the applied learning environment program to be an active part of Lakeview Centennial High School and the community. The club will allow LIFE student participation in fundraising and community service projects by forming partnerships with other interested high school peers. This club is open to all Lakeview Centennial High School students.


Sponsor: Wendy Jackson

The purpose of the Minutemen organization is to assist the school in fostering "Patriot Pride" among the student body, primarily at football games and at other activities where deemed necessary. To be eligible to become and remain a member of the Minutemen, a student must pass all courses each six weeks and have no more than one N in citizenship and no U in citizenship during the current semester. Any student who has been placed in ISS, suspended, or placed in AEC during the current semester is ineligible to try out for Minutemen. Necessary qualities for membership include leadership, character, ability to work with others and a willingness to do volunteer services for the school. Membership is made up of freshmen through senior students, with one being selected captain of the Minutemen. A Minuteman placed in the reassignment room, ISS, suspended or placed in AEC may be subject to disciplinary action, which could result in termination from the organization.

Multicultural Club

Sponsor: Paul Ranta

The Multicultural Club is open to all students interested in learning about the many cultures and ethnicities present at Lakeview Centennial High School. The purpose of this organization is to create a more informed student body through multicultural activities.

National Honor Society

Sponsors: Christie MilamJeramy Boulanger-Chatman

The National Honor Society, founded in 1921, is an organization that recognizes and encourages student achievement while enhancing traits essential to citizens in a democracy: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Selection into this organization, based on the above criteria, is one of the highest distinctions that can be bestowed on a student. Membership may be obtained during the first semester of the junior or senior year. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 is mandatory for consideration, selection and maintenance in NHS. Moreover, in keeping with the NHS motto Noblesse Oblige (nobility obligates), members are required to exhibit behavior that is honorable, responsible and generous. Individuals will be granted opportunities to demonstrate these qualities by sharing talents with other students, their school and their community. Those who succeed are afforded the honors of maintaining NHS membership, running for NHS office and wearing the NHS stole during the senior graduation ceremony. A system of earning Service Hours was developed for determining student success in these endeavors. In addition, a faculty council may regularly review student membership for compliance with policy.

National Spanish Honor Society

Sponsors: Alfonso Casares

The National Spanish Honor Society is a national organization to promote high standards of scholastic achievement and student interest in foreign language. Membership in this organization is one of the highest honors obtainable by a student. To be a member, a student must have taken Spanish for at least four semesters and have an average of 92 or above. The member must be a second semester sophomore, junior or a senior. Other considerations for membership are leadership, character and service.

Origami Club

Sponsor: Carla Walters

Page Turners

Sponsor: Katy Wallace

Patriot Post (Online Newspaper)

Sponsor: Deanna Hand


Sponsor: Brenda Whitlow

The piano lab magnet program at Lakeview is offered to beginning students and also to those with experience. Basic piano skills are taught to the beginning students, with enrichment opportunities for beginning and advanced students. Students with private instructors may also take the piano magnet program to incorporate practice time and ensemble playing during the school day. Music Theory, History and Composition are also taught in the piano program.

Quill and Scroll

Sponsor: Deanna Hand

Quill and Scroll is the scholastic journalism honor society. Its goals are to encourage individual initiative in high school journalism, specifically in reporting, writing, design, leadership, photography and other related skills valuable to the journalistic endeavor; and recognize and reward the individual achievements of students engaged in journalistic activity.


Sponsors:  Eon Meusa

Robotics Club tasks students with designing and building a robot to play against other teams from around the world in a game-based engineering challenge. Classroom STEM concepts are put to the test on the playing field as students learn lifelong skills in teamwork, leadership, communications and more. Tournaments are held year-round at the regional, state and national levels; local champions go on to compete against the best in the world at VEX Worlds each April.

Safe Haven

Sponsors: Jason CarneyViviana RiosGarrett PruessnerJenna Mikuls

Safe Haven is a student-led organization that provides a welcoming space for LGBT students and straight allies to meet friends and discuss issues relevant to the LGBT community. Safe Haven meets every Thursday after school in Room 1114 from 2:50 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. The club is open to all Lakeview Centennial High School students.

Science Club

Sponsor: TBD

As the world around us changes moment by moment, our Science Department is dedicated to presenting new and exciting scientific information each week. Our club meets on Thursdays after school at 2:40 p.m. with a different member of the science team leading the discussion and activities. Please join us each week. Further information can be found on Google Classroom, code 11a51v.

Shake the Silence

Sponsors: Jason CarneyJenna MikulsVeronica Ramos

Shake the Silence is a poetry/spoken work club at Lakeview. Poetry allows for the cultivation of the critical voice of the student, with emphasis on creating self-definition and definition of the world around them. Our club is a member of the Young DFW Writers' program Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB) Poetry Festival. Rather than emphasize individual poets and performances, the structure of the program demands that kids work collaboratively with their peers, presenting, critiquing, and rewriting their pieces. At the same time, YDFW cultivates self-definition and activities that aid students in defining the world around them, initially building an environment of mutual trust and support on each individual campus. The program takes place at each partnership school twice a week, during the lunch hour or after school. Young DFW Writers is the local organization bringing Louder Than A Bomb to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.


Law Enforcement Sponsor:  Danny Blackwell

Photography Sponsor:  Deanna Hand

TV Production Sponsors:  Francisco TristanGregory Paschal

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. It helps each student excel. SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. Lakeview Centennial offers students the opportunity to compete in SkillsUSA in the following classes: Criminal Justice and Television Production. Other students may join according to their particular classes and schedule.

Speech and Debate Club

Sponsor:  TBD

The Speech and Debate Club is an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to participate in speaking, debating, prose reading, poetry reading and acting events. Statistics show that students who participate in Debate are more likely to be accepted into the colleges of their choice than those who do not. Also, competing in speech and debate events improves speaking skills and provides numerous opportunities to earn scholarship money.

Step Team - Synergy

Sponsor:  TBD

Stepping is a form of percussive dance in which the participant's entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. Synergy uses stepping to promote good sportsmanship, good citizenship, wholesome and enthusiastic school spirit, and serves as positive representatives of the school.

Student Activities

Sponsor: Dana Terry

Student Council

Sponsors: Amy Davis, Amy Lehman

Elections for Student Council officers shall be held during the window from April 1 through April 15. Any person wishing to run for any position in Student Council must obtain a petition for candidacy from the sponsor and meet the said point requirements. Final election of Student Council Officers is left to the discretion of the sponsor and Principal. Finally, all Student Council Officers must be enrolled in the class period designated for officers unless otherwise approved by the sponsor.



Any person seeking the office of President must be of a junior or senior class standing during the tenure of his/her office and be a two-year member of Student Council, one of which holding an office is preferred. The student seeking the office of President must provide at least three recommendation letters from LCHS faculty, a two-hundred word essay outlining their qualifications, and he/she must be prepared to be interviewed by the sponsor. In the case of a tie, the sponsor will use the recommendation letters, essay, and/or interview as a tiebreaker.

Vice President

Any person seeking the office of Vice President must be of at least a junior class standing during the tenure of his/her office and is preferred to have been an active member of Student Council for at least one year. The student seeking the office of Vice President must provide at least three recommendation letters from LCHS faculty and a one-hundred work essay outlining their qualifications. In the case of a tie, the sponsor will use the recommendation letters, essay, and/or interview as a tiebreaker.


Any person seeking the office of Treasurer must be of at least a sophomore class standing during the tenure of his/her office and is preferred to have been an active member of Student Council for at least one year. The student seeking the office of Treasurer must provide at least three recommendation letters from the LCHS faculty.<

Secretary (Recording & Corresponding)

Any person seeking the office of Secretary must be of at least sophomore class standing during the tenure of his/her office and is preferred to have been an active member of Student Council for at least one year. The student seeking the office of Secretary must provide at least three recommendation letters from the LCHS faculty.


Any person seeking the office of Historian must be of at least sophomore class standing during the tenure of his/her office and is preferred to have been an active member of Student Council for at least one year. The student seeking the office of Historian must provide at least three recommendation letters from the LCHS faculty.


Any person seeking the office of Parliamentarian is preferred to have been an active member of Student Council for at least one year. The student seeking the office of Parliamentarian must provide at least three recommendation letters from LCHS faculty.


Sponsors: Holly Stone, Robert Aprea

Thespian Troupe #753 is a member troupe of the International Thespian Society. Students gain membership through participation in theatrical productions. Students earn points by working onstage, backstage, or in the box office. Any student who wishes to participate may earn points toward membership - they do not have to be in a theater class in order to participate.

UIL Academic Coordinator

Sponsor: Dana Terry


Sponsor: Justin Madrid

Worth a Million

Sponsor: Kenya Symonette

The Worth a Million club is a ladies-only organization dedicated to empowering young women through information, support, guidance and inspiration necessary to make wise life choices in order to realize full potential. The group meets once a month on the third Wednesday of the month. The meeting will allow members to fellowship with peers through hands-on activities, talks and fun. Professionals will also speak about topics that are important to teen girls today such as health and nutrition, skin and hair care, dating, and personal safety.

Yankee Doodle Sweethearts Varsity Drill Team

Sponsor: Suzy Mauldin

The varsity drill team shall be part of the school's program of activity. Its main purpose is to promote school spirit by performing in the stands and at varsity football and basketball games. Members shall be drawn from sophomore, junior and senior students.

Youth & Government

Sponsors:  Susan Troutte

YMCA Youth & Government is a nationwide civic education and leadership program in which students are involved in the process that supplements classroom learning and allows them to experience the Legislative and Judicial processes. Students choose to participate in legislative, judicial or state affairs and/or Model UN forums. We compete against other high schools in district, state and national competitions. It is open to all students at LCHS wishing to participate.