Class of 2023


Friday, May 26, 2023 at 3 p.m. at the Culwell Center

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Student parking passes

Need a student parking pass? Use the QR Code to request a parking pass.

Class officers

Office Office holder
President Emily Cole
Vice President   Angel Fasil
Treasurer Saida Shamte

Senior portraits

Schedule your senior portraits this summer with Cady Studios, the official yearbook photographers.

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CADY Studios is the official school photographer. As a senior, you have three options for your senior photo: go to the studio, take photos during the Road Show, or take photos during the Round Up.

  1. Studio Photo Shoot. Go to Cady's home page and schedule an appointment at their studio in Plano. When you go to the studio, there is a sitting fee, which is reimbursed when you purchase photos. You will also have the option of doing other poses in addition to the yearbook pose.
  2. Road Show. Go to Cady's home page and schedule an appointment during the Saturday, October 8 Road Show. This is like a mini-studio photo shoot where they “bring the studio to you” here at Lakeview. You have some options (more than the yearbook only photo shoot but less than the full studio experience), and there is a sitting fee, which is reimbursed when you purchase photos.
  3. Senior Round-Up. This is a yearbook-only photo option. We will schedule this photo shoot for November/December and will be taken during the students' English class. There is no sitting fee for this photo shoot. If your student will be photographed in the tuxedo, have them wear a plan white shirt. If your student will be photographed wearing the drape, have them wear something that will allow them to push the straps down. 

Please contact Ms. Hand at if you have any questions.

Senior Class Panoramic Photo

Pictures will be taken on: Tuesday, November 29 at 8:30am

Price Packages for Senior Class:

$30.00 - Panoramic

$35.00 - Large Laminated Panoramic Picture w/One Medium Panoramic Picture (Best Deal!)

$45.00 - (3 Picture Package) Large Laminated Panoramic, One Medium Panoramic & One Medium '23 Formation Panoramic

Please be sure to bring payment the very next day to purchase and receive your photographs on: Wednesday, November 30 during lunch

Golbeck Accepts cash, check, money orders and credit cards

MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO "Goldbeck Company" (Please include phone number on all checks)