Need a Verification and Enrollment Form for your driver's license permit?

VOE's provide documentation of enrollment and attendance status to the Texas Department of Public Safety for a student applying for a learner’s license and/or a license to operate a motor vehicle.

The issuance or denial of the VOE is strictly a local school, charter, GED program, or institution decision. Neither DPS nor TEA can alter a VOE decision.

VOE Eligibility

  1. The school considers the student currently enrolled at the time the student applies for the VOE, and
  2. The school awarded the student credit for each class the semester prior to application for the VOE.

If the student was not awarded credit for each class the semester prior to application for the VOE, the school will examine attendance records for the semester prior to application for the VOE and determine whether the student was present 90% of the time each class was offered. If so, the VOE may be issued.

To request a VOE form for your student, please complete the Verification of Enrollment Request Form using the button below.

Request a VOE

Absences from the first semester of the 2019- 2020 school year, August 12, 2019 through December 20, 2019, will be considered for qualification. High School students may not have more than 4 absences, excused or unexcused, during the first semester to qualify.

Parents must provide:

  • Campus of Attendance during the first semester of this school year
  • Student First and Last Name
  • Student Garland ISD Identification Number
  • Picture of their government-issued identification along with the request.

You may email any questions to