Show colleges you're ready

If you want to avoid paying for remediation classes, you have to prove that you're ready for college.

Prove that you're ready for college


All Texas students have to take a college readiness exam before they can attend college classes. That means you have to score well on either the SAT, ACT or TSI-A.

Listen up, Juniors

SAT School Day gives every junior the chance to take the SAT on campus for free. It's important that you do well so that you don't have to waste time and money on remediation classes in college.

Seniors, are YOU ready?

If you didn't score well on the SAT last year, it's time to start thinking about the TSI-A. Be sure to talk to your counselor about signing up to take this exam.

Get ready for success

book and pencil

If you don't want to waste time and money on remediation classes, it's important to take your college readiness exam seriously. Study and get prepared with the resources listed below.

How to get ready for the SAT

Khan Academy provides personalized study plans based on your PSAT or SAT scores. Learn more about Khan Academy

How to get ready for TSI-A

There are several websites that offer free TSI-A practice tests:

There are also after school Boost Camps being offered to help you review for the test and learn test-taking strategies. Talk to your counselor for more information.

Khan Academy can be a great resource as well since the skills needed to succeed on the SAT can help with the TSI-A too. Learn more about Khan Academy

The scores to beat


For the SAT, you need to score at least a 480 on Reading & Writing and a 530 on Math to be considered college ready.

For the TSI-A, you need to score at least a 351 on Reading and a 350 on Math to be considered college ready.

For the ACT, you need to score at least 19 on both English and Mathematics and 23 on your Composite Score to be considered college ready.

Save yourself some money


Do you really want to pay to take remediation classes that don't apply towards your degree or certification? Save time and money by doing well on your college readiness exam.

Also, if you score well, you increase your odds of getting scholarships.

For more information, visit the district college & career readiness webpage.