New Tardy Policy 09/2022

LCHS Tardy Intervention Plan

*   Tardies are counted each separate class period.  

*    We will always assume positive intent if a student is making a true effort to get to class on time.  Being tardy for this plan means that the student is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings. 


  • Teacher gives student a ” Verbal Warning” 


  •  Teacher conferences with student 


  • Parent Conference/ Call


  • 1 Hour Thursday School*


  • 2 Hour Thursday School*


  • 2 Hour Friday School*


  • Office Referral

*Failure to serve required Thursday and/or Friday School will result in further consequences.  For example:  If a student skips a  2 hour Thursday School, they will serve a 2 hour Friday School the following day.  Those who skip more than one or skip Friday School will be placed in ISS.  

*Every effort will be made to gather students for Thursday and Friday School BEFORE the end of the school day to prevent skipping.  A list will be sent out each week so you will know which of your A4/B8 students need to stay for detention.