Student Council

2020-2021 Student Council Officers

Office Office holder

Abigail Martens

Vice President over Committees

Zaria McBride

Vice President over Procedures Madilyn Dungan
Peer Mentor Christian Santos
Reporting Secretary Baylee Powell
Recording Secretary Leilani Maldonado
GISD Outreach Elaine Arguello
LCHS Outreach Madelyn Cantu
Public Relations Sally Nguyen
Historian Samantha Garcia
Pride and Patriotism Committee

Amy Huyhn, Mba Gomba & 
Brianna Rose

Energy and Environment Committee Alex Pham & Jaslyn Ngo
Community Service Committee Alexandria Simmons & Brian Nguyen
DASH Committee Makayla Martens & Valentina Daniels
Teacher Appreciation Roscel Tombo
9th grade Representative Alexandria Simmons 
10th grade Representative Jaslyn Ngo
11th grade Representative Brianna Rose
12th grade Representative Emily Ruiz



Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month in the Library.