2019-2020 Publications

Yearbook - Legacy

Buy a yearbook

It is that time again - your 2019 Legacy Yearbook is on sale now. The yearbook promises to be jam packed with the best photos and stories of the year. Reserve and buy your book now! Order online at or come by the yearbook room 1115 to pick up your order form.


Help create the story of your year! At, students and parents collaborate to upload, share, and vote for the photos that will make up the yeabook. See your school from all perspectives. It's your chance to have more of you and your friends in the yearbook.

Newspaper - The Patriot Post

This is the sixth year Lakeview Centennial has hosted its premiere online newspaper, The Patriot Post. Fully run by Lakeview's students, every story written and picture taken has been produced by the amazing staff members of the Patriot Post. We are hoping to take this online newspaper to the next level by adding video, hyperlinks, slideshows, polls, etc. Please let us know how we are doing. We would love to get your feedback.

Yearbook/Newspaper Advisor: Deanna Hand