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Schedule change policy

For the 2nd semester of the 2019-2020 school year, students will follow their full schedule for the first two days (A/B) of school. You may see your counselor the first two days ONLY if you are missing a period.

In order to request a schedule change, you must email your counselor. 

9th Grade A – LOU         Cynthia Williams   
9th Grade LOV – Z          Ivan Luna                
10th Grade A – L             Sonya Paul              
10th Grade M – Z            Trelica Dotie            
11th Grade A – NO          Chelsea Atwell        
11th Grade NU – Z          Mark Ballard            
12th Grade A – JI            Mark Ballard            
12TH Grade JO – Z          Tracy Stafford             (Lead counselor)

Please make sure you email the correct counselor.  If you don’t, it will delay your request.

Schedule changes will only be permitted for the following reasons:

  • I am a senior and I am not enrolled in the class needed for graduation
  • I have the same class twice on my schedule
  • I am enrolled in a class for which I have already earned credit
  • I have a program change (i.e. band, athletics, cheer, choir, etc.)

Sorry, NO ELECTIVE CHANGES and NO AP Course changes!

Schedule changes are not guaranteed and please allow 48 hours for completion.

The last day schedule change requests will be accepted is January 10th.