Physical education

Coach Wayne Pridgett

Wayne Pridgett (Coach P)

We have high expectations for all our students and we are "In It to Win It! 

Healthy zone

Lister has been chosen to be part of The Cooper Institute and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas Healthy Zone Recognition Program.  A special Thank You to Nurse Beverly Wardwell for her efforts in making this happen for Lister.

The main goal of Healthy Zone is to help promote physical activity, fitness, nutrition and health.  Please see this HZ Parent/Guardian Letter [FIX LINK] for more information.  HZ Spanish [FIX LINK]

Farm fresh feature

As a Healthy Zone school each month our cafeteria will offer samples of new fruits and vegetables. Zucchini is the featured vegetable for the month of September. All students and staff are encouraged to give it a try.

2nd grade student trying zucchini