Luna's Specials' programs

Luna's specials teachers have great programs that help enhance and encourage learning for all students. 

Music host special performances for all ages throughout the year. Fourth and Fifth grade students are encouraged to join choir. Choir students get to have special performances outside of the school, and get insight to future competitions preparing students for junior high.

This year Art has big plans for displaying art in the Harris Hill Administration building in January. The district art show is typically in April. Fifth grade gets the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art in January, which aligns with History state standards and Art state standards. 

P.E. always hosts a Healthy Heart Challenge that raises money for the American Heart Association. Last year, Luna raised the most money in the district, and resulted in Coach Nichols eating worms. We can't wait to see what the goal is for this year.

Library has an exciting STEAM program that allows students to work towards earning privileges to different stations. Students can work with robots, 3D printing pens, and much more. Students connect creativity with engineering and mathematics.