School spirit & history

Charles R. Lyles, the namesake of this school, was born August 29, 1876. He was a member of the Garland School Board for seven years. He and his family were committed to Garland Schools. Several members of his family were educators. He was always interested in better things for Garland. It was, therefore, appropriate that a school facility bear his name as a symbol of his vision and dedication.

Lyles Middle School opened its doors to 740 students on September 1, 1987, with Debbie Wester Jacobs as Principal. It was the eleventh middle school in Garland Independent School District. Lyles has a capacity for 1050 students in grades sixth through eighth. Historically, we were recognized as a Blue Ribbon School for the 1992-1993 school year. Lyles has since become an AVID campus, focused on college readiness for all students.  In 2015, the campus also began a mentoring program to support the students and enhance the learning environment. With the support of community partners, teachers, counselors, and other staff members, we meet the needs of our students by approaching them one at a time, as unique individuals with diverse interests.

Lyles Middle School mission statement

In 2014, our updated Lyles Middle School Mission Statement was crafted through the collaborative efforts of our faculty and approved by our parents and student body. It is our hope that all of our community members, from students to adults, learn it and view it as a reminder of our purpose every day.

Lyles Middle School's mission is to create a safe and respectful environment that promotes college and career readiness through academic excellence and positive interpersonal relationships. 

Victory song

Fight Lumberjacks
With all your might
For Lyles Middle School
Fight onward to Victory
We'll win this game tonight

We pledge our loyalty
And faith to the Lumberjacks
And we will win this game for thee our LMS

School colors

Red and blue

School mascot