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Band Mission Statement

"Expectation of Excellence Everyday by Everyone"

Join the Lyles Band

In order to be in band, 5th grade students must do the following:

  1. Choose band as their elective choice for 6th grade
  2. Attend an instrument tryout
  3. RENT an instrument and purchase supplies

Find out more details on this process on the GISD Fine Arts Band page.

Visit the Lyles Band Page to get more information on the Lumberjack band!

Band directors

Mr. Gray - Head Director

Mr. Gray is in his 5th year as Head Director of the Lyles Band. He is a woodwind specialist and graduated from The University of North Texas.

Mr. Champion - Associate Director

Mr. Champion is in his 4th year as Associate Director. He is a brass specialist and graduated from The Ohio State University.

The Lyles Band is one of the most visible groups on campus! It consists of Beginning Band, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Honors Band. All groups work throughout the year for individual and group performances. The Band has earned awards at all of their contests and continue to raise the tradition of excellence in the Fine Arts Department at Lyles Collegiate Intermediate. We look forward to your child helping us continue the #ExpectationofExcellence

Honors Band

UIL Honors Band Playing

Mr. Gray and the Honors Band (Varsity) on stage at UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation on March 27th @ Garland HS.


Symphonic Band

UIL Symphonic Band

Mr. Champion and the Symphonic Band (Non-Varsity) on stage at UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation on March 27th @ Garland HS.

This was Symphonic Band's first ever UIL performance!


UIL Band Trophies

Both Symphonic Band and Honors Band earned the prestigious UIL Sweepstakes Trophy! Both ensembles earned Superior ratings on Stage and in Sightreading.

This is the first time in SCHOOL HISTORY that Lyles has not only sent TWO Bands to UIL, but the first time BOTH bands earned a UIL Sweepstakes!

TMEA Region 3 All-Region Band

Congratulations to the students who earned a seat in the TMEA Region 3 All-Region Band! Auditions were recently held at Rockwall Heath High School on Saturday, November 11th. 

All Region Band members 2023


Pictured from left to right: Imara Sims, flute; Johnny Huyn, flute; Malcom Pavon, tenor saxophone; Graham Binu, horn; Eva Hammond, trombone; Mariyah Harrell, alto saxophone; Ailynn Diaz, clarinet (7th grade)

Students are pictured with Lyles Administration Team members (left to right) Patrece King, Dean of Students; Gabrielle Craig, Assistant Principal (8th Grade), Dr. Ansil Howard, Principal; and Jennifer Fowler, Assistant Principal (7th grade). Not pictured is Pamela Edwards, Assistant Principal (6th grade) & Fine Arts Administrator.

Extra honors go to Johnny ranked #8 on flute, Eva ranked #7 on trombone; Malcom ranked #2 on tenor saxophone! TOP 10 in the ENTIRE REGION!

Students not only competed against the other Garland ISD schools, but also those from Mesquite, Rockwall, Forney, and Royse City.

This is a SCHOOL RECORD for the highest number of All-Region Band members from Lyles (7) and the highest number of students to earned a Top 10 ranking on their instrument (3)!

Imara and Mariyah will be in the Concert Band; Ailynn and Graham will be in Symphonic Band II, and Johnny, Malcom, and Eva will be in the Wind Ensemble (highest band)

It is also a school record for the most students in the All-Region Wind Ensemble (2)!

EXTRA CONGRATULATIONS to Imara, Johnny, Malcom, Graham, and Eva for earning a seat in the Garland ISD All-District Band the week prior!

History being made YET AGAIN! These #FabFive are the most Lyles Band students to earn a seat in both the All-District Band AND All-Region Band!

Thank You AGAIN to the parents of these wonderful students, Lyles Faculty, Staff, and Administration; Lakeview Centennial High School Band Staff for helping out with All-District/All-Region Help Sessions.

The TMEA Region 3 All-Region Band will perform on Saturday, January 20, 2024 @ Forney & North Forney High Schools. 2 bands will perform at each high school.

Please do all you can to see these history-making students in action!

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GISD Solo & Ensemble Festival Results
On Saturday, February 17, 2024, members from Symphonic Band & Honors Band performed at the GISD 
Solo & ensemble Festival at Austin Academy.

The Lyles Band had a spectacular and HISTORIC showing as our players achieved the following 

8 Division II (Excellent) ratings
The rating of Excellent means that the performance met the basic requirements of the piece. 
Students may have had some consistent errors that prevented them from earning a higher rating 
(Superior). Students should not feel poorly about their performance, but strive to have a better 
performance experience the following year.

60 Division I (Superior) ratings - MOST IN RECENT HISTORY!
The rating of Superior means that the performance went above the basic expectations of the piece. 
This is normally the highest rating a student performer can receive on a solo or ensemble piece. 
This is similar to graduating Cum Laude from college.

10 Division I+ (Outstanding) ratings
This rating of Outstanding means that the performance went above and beyond the evaluator’s 
expectations of the piece. This is similar to graduating Summa Cum Laude in college.

A I+ rating also earns performers a nomination for Outstanding Soloist of their room by the 
evaluator. Please congratulate the following students on this distinction:

LaJourdan Tyson - 8th grade tuba, Symphonic Band
●  1st Non-Varsity player in recent memory to earn this designation

Imara Sims - 8th grade flute, Honors Band
●  Imara was a member of the GISD All-District Band
●  Imara was also a member of the UIL All-Region Band
●  Imara is currently the Honors Band Flute Section Captain

Ailynn Diaz - 7th grade clarinet, Honors Band
●  Ailynn was a member of the UIL All-Region Band

Raul Hernandez - 8th grade trumpet, Honors Band
●  This is Raul’s 2nd consecutive I+ rating! He earned the same rating last year as a member of the 
Beginning Band.

Damian Marquez - 8th grade tuba, Honors Band
●  Damian is currently the Honors Band Tuba Section Captain
Tay’Shawn Baltimore - 8th grade tuba, Honors Band Vianney Jimenez - 8th grade percussion, Honors 
●  Vianney is currently the Honors Band Percussion Section Captain
●  Vianney is also the 1st Percussion student to earn this designation in recent memory!!

3 Outstanding Soloist Awards
These performers not only earned a I+ on their solo, but they were awarded the HIGHEST HONOR of 
being named OUTSTANDING SOLOIST for the entire Festival!!

This honor is awarded to students who not only performed above and beyond the expectations of the 
piece, but were chosen by the evaluators to be among

the best performers of the entire Festival!! This is like graduating Magna Cum Laude from college!!

Speaking of college, these students played high school/college-level solos to earn this accolade!

Please congratulate the following students for the HIGHEST HONOR:

Johnny Huyhn - 8th grade flute, Honors Band
● Performed Bandinere by Johann Sebastian Bach
●  Johnny was #4 in the GISD All-District Band
●  Johnny was #8 in the UIL All-Region Band

Eva Hammond - 8th grade trombone, Honors Band
●  Performed Sonata No. 1, Movement 1 by Johann Ernst Galliard
●  Eva was #8 in the GISD All-District Band
●  Eva was #7 in the UIL All-Region Band

Graham Binu - 8th grade horn, Honors Band
●  This is the 2nd Outstanding Soloist award for Graham! He received the designation in Beginning 
Band as a 6th grader and was nominated last year as a 7th grader in Honors Band!
● This is Graham’s 3rd straight year of earning a I+ on his solo!
●  Graham was #1 in the GISD All-District Band
●  Graham was also in the UIL All-Region Band
● Graham performed Fantasy for Horn by Malcolm Arnold, an unaccompanied solo! There was no audio 
track or piano player to back him up!

The 3 Outstanding Awards tied Austin Academy for second place at the Festival; only 1 behind 
Hudson, who had 4 Outstanding Award winners.

Mr. Gray and Mr. Champion are unimaginably proud of all of these students and are glad to see their 
work on the solos being rewarded in the best way!

You will be able to identify their accomplishments by the following materials:

Outstanding Soloist = Red patch with white trim AND blue medal Division I = blue medal
Division II = red ribbon

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