Policies & procedures

Instruction drives all policies at Naaman Forest High School. To achieve excellence in education we expect our students to adhere to the following policies.  The Naaman Forest High School 2021/2022 Student Handbook of Expectations, Procedures, and Policies is now available, please read it carefully.


Attendance has proven to play a vital role in a student’s level of academic success. According to the state of Texas, students must be present 90% of the time in a class to receive credit for the course. If a student breaks the 90% attendance rule in a given class, then the highest grade that he/she can receive in that class is a 69. A student may attend Credit Restoration to make up absences in a class so that credit may be received.

Campus Improvement Plan

A Campus Improvement Plan serves as the blueprint for how a campus will address performance objectives and other campus needs that have been identified from a Campus Needs Assessment.  To read the Campus Improvement Plan, please see NFHS CIP(PDF).

Cell Phones

Students are welcome to use individual cell phones in class per the discretion of the teacher and in compliance with GISD electronic policy.  Students are responsible for their own cell phones and electronic devices. The school is not responsible for investigating stolen or misplaced items. Teachers will establish classroom cell phone policies, report infractions in Review 360, and consequences will be assigned when necessary.

Students are welcome to use the phone in the office when they have need. This should not be during class time. If a student feels they need to make an important phone call from their cell phone, they may do so in the office, after receiving permission from one of the office staff.

College visits and attendance

Juniors and Seniors are allowed 2 excused days for college visits per school year. In order for absences to be excused, documentation from the college/university on their letterhead must be submitted to the attendance office stating you visited their campus. No copies or pamphlets from the college/university are accepted. Emails are not accepted as proper documentation. Please check with the attendance office if you have any questions.

Dress code

Students must be in compliance with the dress and grooming code the moment they enter the building. Sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, coats or any other outer garment cannot be used to cover inappropriate attire. In other words, if a student is asked to remove outer wear the student MUST STILL BE compliant with the Dress Code Policy. 


  1. Tops must be at least below the belt loops and no visible torso/midriff.

  2. Low cut tops; no cleavage displayed.

  3. Off the shoulder tops are NOT allowed.

  4. Spaghetti straps, halter tops or racer-back shirts.

  5. Tank tops must have a 2-inch-wide strap.

  6. See-through tops are NOT allowed.

  1. All bottoms MUST be no more than 4 inches above the knee all the way around.

  2. No rips or tears above the knee.

  3. Under garments should NOT be visible.

  4. See-through pants including but not limited to   mesh/sheer/lace above the knee.

Hats Hats, hoods, skull caps, do-rags, bandanas, bonnets, head coverings, and sunglasses are not allowed to be worn in the building.
  1. Nighttime/bedtime attire or items, such as pajama tops or bottoms, robes, pillows, blankets, and no house shoes.

  2. Apparel that advertises or depicts alcohol, drugs, nudity, tobacco products, any other substance prohibited under FNCF (Legal), violent or criminal themes, gang membership, obscene language and/or graphics (ie. Playboy symbol) will not be permitted. Any distraction or disruptive mode of clothing or appearance that adversely impacts the educational process is not acceptable.

  3. Large objects worn as jewelry, including ropes, cords, spiked bracelets, chains or any accessories that could be used as weapons are NOT allowed.

The final decision regarding appropriate dress and appearance shall rest with administration. Students can be referred at any time during the day if observed to be in violation of the dress and grooming code policy. Failure to adhere to dress and grooming code will result in disciplinary consequences.

Exam exemptions

All high school students will have the opportunity to earn exemptions from a fall or spring semester if they meet the criteria. 

Lunch policies

Students must wear an ID and may only use their own account. Students are to remain seated, as well as, remain in the cafeteria during their designated lunch period. Students must remain on campus per district policy, NFHS is a closed campus. Lunch may not be delivered to students without prior administrator approval. Non-students are not allowed on campus without prior approval.   No food deliveries allowed.

Morning Arrival and Afternoon Dismissal

Students should be dropped off in the front of the school. Students are expected to enter the building as soon as they arrive on campus. Students who plan to purchase breakfast should report to the cafeteria. All other students should report to the auditorium. Students must remain in these designated locations until the bell rings. Students must clear the cafeteria by 7:25 AM.

Students will not be allowed in hallways or classrooms before 7:20 AM without a note from a parent or teacher. Students may not loiter on the front patio, around the portables, in the parking lot, or near the tennis courts before or after school. Students found in undesignated places may receive a disciplinary consequence. Students with parking passes are responsible for actions and activities near your vehicle. Consequences for inappropriate behavior could include removal of parking space.

All students must exit the building after school by 3:00 unless supervised by a faculty member in a tutoring session, practice, meeting, detention, etc. Students found in the building unsupervised after 3:00 will receive consequences. Students must be picked up by 3:20 p.m. each day.

Student identification card

Students must wear a visible student ID during school hours. Students are not permitted to wear another student's ID badge. Students who are missing ID may obtain ID before and after school and during lunch for a nominal fee. Students without ID may not leave the classroom during instructional time. Other natural consequences for not having an ID include not being allowed to enter the library or go to school events such as pep rallies.

Tardy policy

Students are expected to be on time to school and class. Students have 5 minutes transition time between classes and 5 minutes during lunch. Failure to make it to class will result in an office referral and consequence. All tardies are considered unexcused unless the student has a pass from the office or clinic. Any student that has excessive tardies will have their car sticker revoked.

Textbook policy and fines

Naaman Forest High School is a non-profit organization, but we have to account for every textbook we house on campus, and pay for lost and/or damaged books; therefore, students are responsible for any book issued to them and will be charged fees appropriately in the case of lost, stolen and/or damaged books.

Title one

The Campus Parent Involvement Policy explains how our campus supports the important role of parents in the education of their children. We offer a Parent Compact to establish a partnership among parents, school staff, and students for improving student academic achievement.   

Chaperones & Visitors

Persons interested in the opportunity to chaperone a field trip or school event, must complete a criminal background check per district policy. This must be completed and checked before parents can chaperone and filed in the office by the deadline set by the district.  For more information visit or Volunteer page.   Visitors are limited to parents. Please enter through the front door and check in at the kiosk. You will need a picture ID to sign in and receive a visitor's badge.  

Weather and Garland ISD

In the event that operations are affected, all employees and student families will be notified by 6 a.m. on school days. An all-call is sent via Skyward, in addition to postings on the GISD website and GRS-TV. The district will also communicate through its Twitter account, @gisdnews, while informing local news and radio stations.

Online Student Services requests

Do you need to enroll your child, request a transfer, withdraw or request a transcript? It's easy to start common processes at home. Visit the Online Student Services page to get started. 

If you have additional questions, please contact the campus data clerk:     

Linda Steel 

District policies

To support our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, we have created policies designed to help your student have the best possible education experience.

Visit the Policies page on the district website for additional polices and related information.