School spirit & history

Naaman Forest Crest
Ranger Mascot

Mascot: Ranger

Colors: Green and white with orange accent

Shield: In 1989, Student Council had a contest for students, teachers, and parents to contribute ideas about the shield. First National Bank of Sachse offered savings bonds to the winners of the contest. Jody Flowers and Brian Schriewer were awarded the saving bonds. Jody's and Brian's shields were combined to make the shield that was selected.

The trees in the left upper section of the crest represent the Spring Creek Forest Park Reserve. The reserve is located behind the school. The star torch located in the upper right hand section of the crest represents our school motto of "Excellence in Education". The paper and scroll in the lower left section of the crest represents knowledge and understanding. The small log cabin in the the lower right section of the crest represents the original Naaman School.

History:  NFHS is built on a 62.13 acre site, which backs up to a natural forest preserve. It opened in 1988 with grades 6 - 9. Naaman Forest dropped a lower grade and added a higher grade until it attained senior high school status in 1992. Naaman Forest today serves 2,100 students, compared with 836 its first year. Naaman Forest has been fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since its inception.

Alma Mater

Naaman Forest Star Logo

Hail to Naaman Forest.
We'll ere be true.
Hold dear the green and white,
Our hearts will cherish you
...Sing out our alma mater,
through strife and victory.
Long may you stand and reign,
with pride we honor thee.

NFHS fight song

Into battle we will go!
Rangers onward tread- Holding
fast our valiant team while others
all have fled (Fight, Fight, Fight)
Naaman Forest is our cry
to the green and white be true.
We'll all cheer for, VICTORY cause
RANGERS we're all for you!

Fallen Rangers dedication ceremony

Bench dedicated to deceased Naaman Forest Rangers

On December 17, 2007, the bench in the Commons Area was dedicated by the families of:

  • Kristy Lynn Barr 06/18/83 - 11/18/05
  • Amanda Marie Granlund 04/27/88 - 03/07/07
  • Matthew Seth Shubzda 09/17/75 - 10/18/02
  • Perry James Thompson 06/23/89 - 08/19/06