Pathways to Technology Early College HS magnet

Pathways to Technology Early College HS magnet (P-TECH) at Naaman Forest high school is a program that provides students with technical and workplace skills as well as college credit opportunities. While getting their high school diploma students can earn up to 60 free college hours and have the potential to earn an Associate’s degree in Construction Technology or Mortgage Banking.  Specific student skills will be highlighted with industry certificates in their related fields.  

P-TECH at Naaman Forest high school shall serve all students and specifically enroll diverse groups that include students who are underrepresented in college courses.

Students must apply to participate in this program during the magnet application window. For more important dates and details, please visit the the district Magnet page.

Please check out our new ECHS Landing page for ECHS Program information and resources for prospective Students and Parents.   


What is a P-TECH?

P-TECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School. P-TECH graduates earn:

  • a high school diploma
  • an industry-recognized associate degree, and
  • relevant work experience in a growing field.

What are the requirements to enroll?

The application is open to all incoming 9th grade students. Up to 125 students will be selected.

What kind of degree can I earn?

Naaman Forest P-TECH students have two degree options:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Technology or
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Mortgage Banking

What is the possible Pathway to earn an Applied Science Degree in Construction Technology?

Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology (P-TECH)

The following is only an example of a possible four year plan that a student in this pathway could follow. Graduation plans are customized to meet each student’s individual needs and goals. Students may meet graduation requirements for LOTE (Languages other than English), health, and other courses in middle school, summer school, Fall Mini, or Spring Free.

Pathway choices: electrical, plumbing, or HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

Careers Spotlight

PTECH Construction Technology Crosswalk

PTECH Mortgage Banking Crosswalk

Carpenter, Cost Estimator, Lead Carpenter, Construction Management, Residential Builder, Building Inspector, Building Engineer, Contractor, Project Management, Field Engineer

*Courses taken at honors/pre-AP level 
 **AVID is required in grade 9. Students may elect to take AVID in grades 10-12

What does it cost?

There is no cost to students or their families for tuition or books.

How much can I save?

The average cost of an associate degree with Dallas County Community College District is $6,000!

What does it mean to be a P-TECH student?

Freshmen and sophomore students enroll in cohort honors and dual credit courses at Naaman. Juniors and seniors take more dual credit courses and attend some classes at Northlake College campus. 

Why Construction Technology?

You can prepare for an entry-level job in many construction areas or continue your education in a four-year program. A first-line supervisor of construction trades might start at $23 per hour.  For  information about careers in construction technology, please see Northlake College Careers.  To view the classes, the courses, and the degree plan for construction technology, please see Northlake College Degree.

Why Mortgage Banking?

U.S. News and World Report lists financial advisor, loan officer, financial analyst and financial manager in its top 25 “best business jobs” through the coming decade. Entry-level loan interviewers in DFW might earn almost $18 per hour. The median annual wage for a loan officer/mortgage originator/broker is $63,430 (U.S. Department of Labor).  For information about careers in mortgage banking, please see Northlake College Careers.  For the classes, the courses, and the degree plan for mortgage banking, please see Northlake College Degree.  

We have created a Smores page to explain all about Mortgage Banking and why this field is a great choice for future students. 

Who should I contact?

NFHS Principal:  Dr. Keith Ellis
Magnet Advisor: Tracy Glick, 972-675-3091 
Assistant Principal: James Sellers, 972-675-3091 
Counselor: Claire McGrath, 972-675-3091 
Counselor:  Shonedra Redd, 972-675-3091

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