Important Message concerning the NFHS Homecoming Dance and Pep Rally:
It is with great regret that I inform you that we are unable to host a homecoming pep rally or a homecoming dance this week due to an increase of COVID-19 case reports. We are carefully monitoring the situation, and we thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate through this process. We will provide updates and information as we explore the possibility of rescheduling this event. For questions, please contact the school at 972-675-3091.
The theme for the 2021/2022 NFHS Homecoming is "Once upon a time".   Homecoming is the week of August 23rd, 2021.  

The dress up days are:

Dress up days are the week of August 23, 2021 and they go as follows;
Day Dress up Theme
August 23
Music Monday - Become your favorite Music Artist or Musical Group. 
August 24 Timewarp Tuesday - Dress up as your favorite Decade. 
August 25  Onesie Wednesday - Go back to your youth and celebrate all the things we liked as kids!
August 26 To Infinity and Beyond Thursday - Become your future self, travel to space, or your favorite superhero.
August 27 Spirit Day - Wear mums, garters and any Naaman Forest Attire.


Pep Rally:

This event has been cancelled due to Covid 19. 

Announcement of King and Queen:

The Homecoming Court has been chosen.  Watch the video below to see who made the cut.  

Football game:

This event has been cancelled due to Covid 19