College, career, and military ready

Ready to graduate and leave Naaman? Ready to move out of mom and dad's house and have the life style you always wanted?

Not what you planned? Did you know that Naaman offers courses to help you get ready for life after high school? One of our goals is to help you develop a foundation of skills that you can use to successfully pursue a variety of college majors and careers. According to research, over 80 percent of 21st century jobs require some postsecondary education.


Your role is VERY important! You need to push your child to start preparing as soon as they enter high school. Ideas.

There are the AP and Dual Credit courses to help with college. You can earn college credit with these programs. The AP classes help prepare you for the rigor of a college class. Research shows that businesses and colleges want employees and students to be able to read and communicate well, to perform relatively complex mathematical calculations accurately, to possess a strong knowledge of basic science, to have a fundamental knowledge of American culture and the world beyond, and to be able to think critically and adjust to rapidly changing work environments. Don't be afraid to take what you consider to be the more challenging courses. You will learn to study, think creatively, and manage your time. All of these skills are necessary for success after high school.

The Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) can help you prepare to take the required tests and also help with items like financial aide. 

There are also several classes to help prepare you for specific degrees and careers. Companies and universities would look favorably on the experience you receive from these classes.  A few examples:

  • Building Trades
  • Clinical rotation - even earn an EMT certification
  • Floral Design
  • Future Teacher Internship
  • Horticulture and Landscaping
  • Hospitality


"I know grades and GPA are important, but what can I do to make myself more attractive to universities and employers?"

Academics Technology Extra-Curricular Activities

Taking on more difficult course work demonstrates your maturity and readiness for college as well as proving your dedication to academic excellence.

SAT and ACT scores.
Take preparation courses and take the test multiple times to improve your score. Good scores can also mean scholarships.

Keep your GPA up and be involved in National Honor Society.

Technology is important in today's world. NFHS offers many courses in this area.

Computer Science offers pre-AP and AP courses that will improve your problem solving, logic, and thinking skills. It requires thinking both in abstract terms and concrete terms. Many majors require an introduction to computer science course.

Business, engineering, and Graphic Design technology courses are just a few of the classes available. Talk to your counselor.

Participating in a variety of activities can make you a more desirable candidate.

Some in school activities to be involved with are sports, band, student council, and choir.

There are many clubs and organizations that you can be involved in. Look at our Activities page and find something that fits your interests.

College and career fair

Information about College and career fair coming soon.