AP / MST / Honors late work

“By doing college-level work in high school, AP students can test themselves and take risks in a familiar setting, gaining confidence and a rewarding experience in addition to college credit and placement.” (Source: © 2014 The College Board)

The expectations of AP, MST, and Pre-AP teachers are that NGHS students will be exposed not only to college-level content but also to college-level skills that will help them to excel in college and beyond. One very important skill that we value is meeting deadlines in the classroom, so we communicate with our students that turning in work on time is the expectation that we hold. If there are extenuating circumstances that occur which would cause a student to miss a deadline, parents and students need to communicate this to the teacher ahead of time. The teacher can then work with the student to establish a new deadline. If an emergency occurs that could not be communicated to the teacher prior to the class period, the parent and student need to contact the teacher as soon as possible. If there are repeated incidents of deadlines not being met, the teacher will set up a conference with the parent to discuss the situation and consider possible outcomes. All district grading policies will be followed in regards to late work.