ID card policy

Garland ISD wants its students, staff and parents to know the district is serious about safety. Precautionary measures include 24/7 surveillance by GISD Security, controlled access to all facilities and 31 School Resource Officers at district campuses. Also, Garland ISD has adopted the following Student Identification Card (SIC) guidelines.

All high school students are required to wear a SIC while on campus.

Throughout the school day, students must clearly display SICs around the neck with a lanyard. Additionally, anytime students are on GISD property—after-school activities, school-sponsored events, etc.— students may be asked to produce their SIC as proof of identity. NGHS also uses the SIC cards for cafeteria purchases, library and text book check-out, and access to districtwide events/activities. 

While every students’ first SIC is provided at no cost, a $5 fee will be charged to replace any damaged or lost cards. New SICs will be issued each school year.