Petition for credit: 90% attendance rule policy

Information for students, parents, and guardians:

The State of Texas requires that each student be present in their classes at least 90% of the days that classes are held each semester in order to earn credit.

Please be aware that for any class you are passing and have 4 or more absences in the fall semester, or 4 or more absences in the spring semester, by law, credit must be denied due to excessive absences. 

North Garland High School offers a program called Petition for Credit as an opportunity for students to avoid losing course credit due to excessive absences.

Here is how Petition for Credit works:

If you have 4 or more absences in a class (1st Semester), or if you have 4 or more absences in a class (2nd Semester) you must:

  1. Go to the Attendance Office and ask for a Petition for Credit Form (or, you may download and print your  form here (PDF).
  2. Documented tutorial time is used in your Petition for Credit. Please use this link to document your tutorials: (Note: you must be logged into your district Google account.)
  3. Fill out the Petition for Credit Form and turn it in to the Attendance Office by the Spring Semester due date (May 1).
  4. Look at the Petition for Credit Flow Chart to see if there are any other items you should turn in with your Petition for Credit Form.
  5. Look at the Tutorial Hours Calculator page to help calculate exactly how many tutorials hours you owe.
  6. Your tutorial time will be documented online. You must use this link on the day(s) the tutorials occur: (Note: Teachers have a QR code for this link in your classrooms.)
  7. For every absence day over the limit you have, you must attend 90 minutes of tutorial time.**
    1. For example, if you have 1 day of absence over the limit in a particular class, you must attend 1.5 hours of tutorial time in that class in order to make up one absence and move yourself under the absence limit.
    2. For example, if you have 2 days of absence over the limit in a particular class, you must attend 3 hours of tutorials in that class in order to make up those absences. 
    3. For example, if you have 3 days of absence over the limit, you will require 4.5 hours of make-up tutorial time. 
  8. Don't wait until the last minute - this process takes time to complete!
  9. Remember - your completed Petition for Credit Form must be turned into the Attendance Office. 
    1. Petition for Credit Forms due date: Fall (December 6), Spring (May 1).
    2. Tutorial Hours Completion due date: Fall (December 6), Spring (May 1).
**Students who have excused absences for medical reasons or who have extenuating circumstances may be eligible for a recovery plan that does not involve the full tutorial time. An assistant principal or the RtI Facilitator can help with preparing a recovery plan.

Note: Students who have accumulated more than the limit of absences allowed cannot be awarded credit without the Petition for Credit process being successfully completed.

If any passing student in a class has exceeded the allowable limit for absences, and the student does not complete the Petition for Credit process, credit will not be awarded (absence failure (AF) will be recorded on the report card).

Students are encouraged to use the Petition for Credit opportunity provided by North Garland High School in order to retain credit for their classes in the event of excessive absences. For more information, please contact the North Garland RtI Facilitator, Ms. Bollman