DC courses

The Dual Credit program at North Garland High School provides opportunities for students to earn college credit for selected courses that are successfully completed.  The NGHS Dual Credit program is administered in conjunction with Richland College and El Centro College.  

Please visit the Dual Credit News and TSI & DC Application pages for more information.

North Garland High School dual credit classes 

Course Name Instructor Grade Sylla-
English 10505 ENGL1301 & ENGL1302 ENGLISH LANGUAGE APDC Ms. Anders 11-12  (PDF)
  10506 ENGL2332 & ENGL2333 ENGLISH LITERATURE APDC  Ms. Bland  12  view  (PDF)
91829 IMED1316 MST WEB DESIGN HDC Mr. Hensley 10-11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
91831 ARTV1303 MST DIGITAL ART & ANIMATION HDC Mr. Morrissey 10-11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
  91833 IMED2311 MST IND STUDIES MULTIMEDIA HDC Mr. Morrissey 11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
  91834 ARTV1351 MST VIDEO DESIGN DC Mr. Hensley 10-11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
Government 42222 GOVT2305 Government US APDC Mr. Rodriguez 12  (PDF)  (PDF)
History 42107 HIST1301 & HIST1302 US History APDC Mr. Gray 11 (PDF) (PDF)
Science 33319 PHY1405
PHYSICS DC Mr. Bevly 11-12


CISCO Computer
8K735 ITCC1477 MST CISCO I Ms. Al Najjar 10-11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
8K745 ITCC1478 MST CISCO II Ms. Al Najjar 11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
  8K755 ITCC2412 MST CISCO III Ms. Al Najjar 10-11-12  (PDF)  (PDF)
Business 8N315 MKT1311 MARKETING DYNAMICS DC Ms. Adams 11-12 view  (PDF)
  8F305 POFT1321 FINANCIAL MATH DC Ms. McGee 11-12  view  (PDF)