Raider Theatre

2023 One Act Play

Raider Theater OAP 2023


Join the award-winning North Garland Theater department for exciting high school theatrical productions!  Please contact Ms. Gibson and Ms. McDonald for more information.

Title Name Contact
Director Nancy Gibson
Director Becki McDonald

Past Raider Theatre Performances 

NGHS Theatre Little Mermaid
Raider Theater Completely Hollywood
2023 The Little Mermaid 2023 Completely Hollywood (abridged)
Raider Theater PS
Raider Theater CW
2023 Little Theatre - Peter & the Starcatcher 2022 Children's Show - Charlotte's Web
Raider Theatre Silent Sky
Raider Theatre Schoolhouse Rock
2021 One Act Play - Silent Sky 2019 Musical - Schoolhouse Rock, Live
Raider Theatre Shipwrecked
Raider Theatre Willy Wonka
2019 One Act Play - Shipwrecked 2018 Children Show - Willy Wonka
Raider Theatre I Never Saw a Butterfly
Raider Theatre Almost Maine
2017 One Act Play - I Never Saw Another Butterfly 2016 Little Theatre - Almost Maine
Raider Theatre 2022
Raider Theatre 2022
2022 One Act Play – Moon Melligan Park 2021 Musical – The SpongeBob Musical