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Michelle Lee, Librarian

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Northlake Library’s Mission

The library program I envision for Northlake Elementary fosters a love of reading and encourages lifelong learning. Empowering students to become enthusiastic readers and increase their reading skills is an important part of what I do. In order to be successful in school and in life, today’s students must learn to acquire the skills to select, evaluate, and use information appropriately and effectively. As a 21st-century school librarian, it will be my responsibility to teach and support all the members of the school community to seek diverse perspectives, gather and use information ethically, and use social tools responsibly and safely as they navigate the research process. I will collaborate with teachers to build these lifelong learning skills and strategies in order to help all Northlake students meet their curricular goals. 

Texas Bluebonnet Award

Students in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are encouraged to be a part of the Texas Bluebonnet Club. To participate in the Bluebonnet club, students will read at least 5 of the nominees and complete an online or paper book response. The book response must be completed in order to earn credit for that book. You can read them all, but you only have to complete 5 book responses.  Stay tuned for the 2021-2022 Texas Bluebonnet winner.  It will be announced in late February! 

If you’d like more information on the Texas Bluebonnet Award, click here.

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