Mentor program 20 years strong

Our students have been receiving guidance, support and tutorials from many community members. The City of Garland Employees Mentoring Program and our school have partnered for two decades.

Are you college ready?

What does it mean to be college ready? For the best chance of making your visions of success a reality, preparing for your future has to start much earlier than graduation. GISD believes that college and career readiness begins in elementary school. 

Lunch at Northlake

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, you may come and eat with your child during his/her lunchtime.  However, please take a few minutes to read over our lunch guidelines and please adhere to them when you join your child. Thank you.

Awards assemblies

Our awards assemblies are held after each grading period. Please check our calendar for the exact date and time for these assemblies. Parents and family are more than welcome to attend.

Red Ribbon Week

Every October, we participate in Red Ribbon Week. Each day of this week, we'll have different themes that help educate drug awareness. Check back during October to find out what our themes are for Red Ribbon Week.

H.E.R.O. Week

Help Everyone Respect Others is a weekly campaign that educates and prevents bullying. Northlake participates in this weekly event by educating our students on how to prevent bullying, what to do if ever in a bullying situation and helping everyone continue to respect each other throughout the school year. 

Book fairs

We host two book fairs per school year. Please check with your child for details. We will also post the dates on our website.

PTA meetings

PTA meetings are once a month at Northlake. Please consider being present at one or all of our PTA meetings. Your voice is a crucial input in our desire to continue a positive environment for our entire school family.

Superhero accountability

At anytime throughout the school day, a faculty member may catch a student or a fellow faculty member doing something of high character. When this happens, the person caught in the act will have his or her name dropped in the Superhero box in the office. Our students have also been known to write a name down and drop it in the box. Each morning on the announcements, a few names are drawn from the box to be read to the entire school and that person will receive a token of accomplishment!