Physical Education

Coach Beltz

Mrs. Ayars

Mrs. McCartney

Dress code for P.E.

Your child will be coming to P.E. three times per week. It goes without saying that we want all of our students to be safe during their time in our class. One way that you can help us achieve this is to allow your child to wear or bring tennis shoes on his/her P.E. days. Girls will need to wear shorts under their dress if they wear one on her P.E. day. We take our subject area serious, therefore we are always on the go, moving constantly creating healthy bodies and active minds. Having students that are dressed in appropriate and acceptable Physical Education clothing is required.

If you have any questions regarding the dress code for P.E., please contact Coach Beltz.

Medical attention

For the protection of your child, we need to know if any medical history or present condition will limit his or her participation. Please advise the school if any problem of this type arises during the school year.

A parent note will exempt a student from P.E. up to one week from the date the note is written. If a medical issue lasts longer than one week, a doctor's note will be required in order for a student to be exempt without penalty.