School spirit & history

Our History

J.W. O'Banion Middle School was founded in 1969. J. W. O'Banion owned the land that the school sits on today, as well as much of the surrounding area. J. W. O’Banion Middle School actually began as J. W. O’Banion Junior High School in 1969, with grades 7, 8 and 9. Clarence Reed was the first principal. In the midst of the Vietnam War, Woodstock, and the birth of rock & roll, O’Banion was striving towards excellence. In 1979 the school was expanded to include a new, two-story wing on the south side of the school. Today, O'Banion has expanded even further to include 9 portable classrooms.

Three of the teachers who began teaching at O’Banion when the school opened in 1969 were still here 25 years later in 1995. Mr. Graham, Mrs. Wynne, and Mrs. Wickersham took great pride in the school and in the students of O’Banion. Mrs. Wickersham is still often seen on campus in a substitute role.

Clarence Reed portrait
J W O'banion portrait







AVID National Demonstration School

In 2012, O'Banion Middle School became an AVID National Demonstration School for a term of three years. Then in 2016, O'Banion received the distinction again. Being a National Demonstration School is quite an honor, and indicates that O'Banion is an exemplary model of the program.

School mascot and colors

The school mascot is the Bison. Orange and white were the original school colors. Blue has since been added as an accent color.

Alma Mater

Our loyalty we pledge to you,
O'Banion Middle School;
Proudly we sing of orange and white
Our color we always raise high.
With pride we stand behind our school
Our hearts are filled with joy!
Hail to our alma mater true
O'Banion Middle School.

It's a tradition!

At O'Banion, faculty and students have celebrated many traditions over the years. Below is a list of some of the traditions that are being celebrated today. Whether they are old traditions that have been in place since the beginning, or they are recent additions, they all add to the great Bison spirit!

  • Faculty/Student Basketball Game
  • Faculty/Student Volleyball Game
  • Fall Pep Rally & Homecoming
  • Bison Pride Award
  • End of the Year Award Ceremony
  • Students of the Month
  • Fall Carnival
  • Math Banquet
  • Multicultural Festival
  • AVID Graduation Ceremony
  • MORP
  • Intramural Soccer (O'Banion initiated this at the district level)

The Wall of Fame

The Bison Pride award is presented in the fall and spring semesters to the top 8th grade students in each of these four categories:

Wall of Fame
  1. Academics

  2. Athletics

  3. Fine Arts

  4. Citizenship & Leadership