School supplies

Printable Supply List (pdf)

Supply List 2021-2022

All Grade Levels – 6th, 7th and 8th

Qty Item
1 Binder (3 ring, 2 inches)
1 School Planner (provided)
1 Pack of 20 pencils (#2)
3 Pens (dark blue or black ink only)
4 Highlighters  (pink, yellow, green, blue)
1 Zippered pencil pouch
4 Composition notebooks (lined,  100-page)  - for math, science, English, and Reading
4 Black whiteboard markers
1 Spiral 200 count for 6th grade Honors Science
1 Spiral notebook for 8th grade English
1 Headphones/earbuds
2 Package of 8 Dividers
1 Package of colored pencils
1 Package of markers
1 Package of colored paper
1 Bottle of liquid glue
2 Glue sticks
2 Package of 200-count loose leaf notebook paper, wide-ruled
2 Glue sticks
1 Roll of paper towels
1 Box of tissue

Package of lined note cards for 6th grade


Physical Education Supplies

Qty Item
1 Combination lock
1 Athletic shorts (no short shorts/any color or design) or long pants
1 Any appropriate t-shirt, no tank tops
1 Pair of Socks
1 Pair of tennis shoes

* Please be aware that other supplies might be requested by individual teachers