WE Schools

As a school dedicated to students who receive special education services, PAC staff use a variety of strategies to insure that each student has every available tool for providing positive learning opportunities.  Through project-based curriculum, students develop 21st Century skills and Sustainable Development Goals while connecting with their local, district, and global communities.

Each year students can participate in various campaigns, including:

  • WE Are One - Students "create a more inclusive world using technology."
  • WE Read Together - Students participate in reading programs, like  "Read with Me," by becoming a reading buddy to other students and pets at the local pet adoption center.
  • WE Take Charge - Students work together to promote a sustainable Earth through the community garden, composting, and recycling.
  • WE Scare Hunger - Student collect donations for local food banks and make sack lunches with care packages for the homeless.
  • WE Walk for Water - Students participated in a campus-wide walk supporting "the women and children who travel hours each day just to get water."
  • WE Film for Change - Students create "social change" through videos that advocate on behalf of mental health and community relationships.
  • WE Volunteer Now - Students experience pride, compassion, and empathy while helping others in their community.
  • WE Eat Well - Students pledge to drink more water and eat healthier.

Technology has played an important part in supporting their educational goals.  More importantly, technology has contributed to student confidence and accessibility.   Read more about how students use technology to develop communication skills and advocate for mental disabilities, as part of WE Are One.