Project-oriented learning at the PAC

Students of the Pathfinder Achievement Center (PAC) have taken their education to the streets. It is our goal to prepare our students for a happy and healthy life in the community, here in Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse, Texas, and beyond. While they will always have a pack family with us, we know that their lives will continue to impact the communities that they will eventually put roots and call "home." Schools Program

WE Are One

PAC students stay connected through technology. 

WE Sew Comfort with Kindness

pillow cases

In collaboration with Brandenburg Middle School, each student at P.A.C. will receive a personalized pillow case; and students and staff will learn to sew pillow cases for future students and individuals "between" homes.

WE Volunteer Now

Students at P.A.C. volunteer at the Achievement Center of Texas playing games and singing at the adult day care facility

WE Read Together

Students at P.A.C. are encouraged to read and provide social companionship at the local Pet Adoption Center

WE Take Charge

community garden

With the help of Parsons PreK volunteers, we built two areas for gardening, a produce garden and a pollinator garden.

With the growth of our school garden, students have learned about composting, harvesting, and cooking.