Fine Arts

SierraNaaman Forest is proud of its Fine Arts programs! One of the top classes is AP Art.

Meet Sierra Hallows

"This year in my AP art class, the pressure to create as many pieces as I have had to has made me a better artist in that I have realized not only the extent of the skill set I already have, but I have grown as an artist and developed a personal style. The growth I’ve experienced thus far has helped me to realize that I wish to pursue a career in art, as it is something I am genuinely passionate about. Art is a medium of creative expression I feel absolutely essential to my life, and this year with Mrs. Lokke has been infinitely helpful with realizing my dream as well as my talents."

In AP Art, students will study the elements of art, principles of design, composition, design, mark making, figure-ground relationship, communication, craftsmanship, individual voice, and experimentation in various drawing media. Upon successful submission of a 24 piece portfolio, the student obtains high school credit and college credit. In addition, they have a professional portfolio to use for college and career purposes.

Department of Visual Art 

The art program is aimed at developing and instilling an awareness of aesthetic values and increasing the creative abilities of each individual. In an attempt to achieve this goal a diversified curriculum is offered which is designed to acquaint students with intellectual and sensory skills and experimental endeavors to afford students opportunities to develop qualities such as confidence, initiative and freedom of thought that can grow out of creative activity.

The art program provides background for the college bound student wishing to pursue art or art-related fields, for students interested in studio art as a vocation, as well as guidance for those students seeking a pleasurable activity for their adult leisure.


We offer four levels of Dance instruction, from beginner to advanced. All Dance students must enroll in Dance I first, and then may progress through II, III, and IV. The Dance curriculum includes ballet, jazz, tap, modern, ballroom,
social, historical, dance fitness, and choreography.

theatertheaterTheatre Arts 

Two avenues of theatre training are offered to the creative student - the acting program and the technical program.

Music Education

NFHS offers Band and Choral Music programs.

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