Policies and Procedures

Emergency Response Protocol Chart

Emergency response chart

Expectations of Students at LCHS

  1. Students will be at school, on time to class, and ready to learn.
  2. Students will have all required books, materials, and supplies when they enter the classroom.
  3. Students will be respectful of the teachers, adults (or guests), and of other students in the school.
  4. Students will respect school property and the property of other students.
  5. Students will follow the rules and the dress/grooming code set by the school.
  6. Students will contribute to a positive school and classroom environment where learning can take place and all students can be successful.

LCHS Dance Dress Code and Expectations


There are dance clubs out in the community designed for teen dancing or students can organize their own dance parties, where the school does not have, and certainly does not want to have any jurisdiction. What styles of dress and behavior occur there will partially be determined by any informed parent’s decision to allow their student to attend or not. But for a school dance, where we have the authority and the responsibility to maintain standards that we feel are consistent with our district and our community, we will impose and enforce the following expectations.

If the attire is questionable, students are encouraged to show their evening wear to the administrators beforehand to determine if it is appropriate for the dance.

Girls: Girls will wear semi-formal, formal gowns, or outfits with pants. Strapless and spaghetti straps will be permitted. 

Boys: Boys are encouraged to wear a suit or sports coat, but at a minimum they are expected to wear semi-formal wear, such as slacks, nice shoes, and a nice shirt (ties are encouraged, but not required).

The following will not be permitted:

  1. No extremely low cut dresses (front or back) - Front of dress must not fall below bra line.
  2. No two piece formal gowns or pants and top, where the midriff is showing
  3. No see through gowns
  4. No shorts
  5. No jeans
  6. No tennis shoes/vans
  7. No torn clothing
  8. No earrings on males
  9. No facial piercings

Again, if the attire is questionable, students are encouraged to show their evening wear to the administrators beforehand to determine if it is appropriate for the dance.

A date or guest of an LCHS student attending a school dance must be at least a high school aged student and a Guest Permission Form must be completed and on-file in the LCHS Main Office.


Students will not be permitted into the dance or will be escorted out of the dance. No money will be refunded.

If an LCHS student’s date is not an LCHS student (from another school), it is the responsibility of the LCHS student to inform his or her date that the required dress code and behavior codes will apply to the date as well.

Suggestive Dancing and Public Displays of Affection

Styles of dancing that the administration /chaperones determine to be inappropriate for a school dance setting will not be permitted. The style of dancing referred to includes dancing in a manner that strongly suggests sexual activity.

Public displays of affection will not be acceptable. The behavior referred to includes kissing or other displays of intimacy inappropriate for a school dance setting.

As parents, we know that you entrust us to provide the best environment for your student not only during the day but at evening activities as well. Monitoring activities such as dance, public display of affection, and attire will allow us to accomplish this endeavor. We will notify you by phone if your student is not being admitted to the dance because of attire or being asked to leave because of inappropriate dancing or conduct.

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