Awards & Accolades

Academic Letter Jacket Recipients

Congrats to the GHS 2018-2019 academic letter jacket recipients!  All have 3.5 GPA's or higher.  

Letterjacket Recipients


The following guitarists were awarded medals at the State Solo and Ensemble Contest on June 2nd, 2018.  Please congratulate them on their fine performances.

  • Trevor Stewart - Gold Medal Solo Performance
  • Janssy Sanchez - Gold Medal Solo Performance
  • Quinlan Sherer - Silver Medal Solo Performance
  • Edith Campa - Silver Medal Solo Performance
  • Jacqueline Patino - Silver Medal Solo Performance


Please congratulate the following GHS Orchestra Students for their musical achievement at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest held May 26 and 27, 2018 in Austin.

  • Zachary Nguyen – Gold Medal Solo Performance
  • Destinee Lavee – Gold Medal Solo Performance
  • Nicholas Jones – Silver Medal Solo Performance
  • Jacqueline Manessier – Silver Medal Solo Performance
  • Isaac Yu – Silver Medal Solo Performance
  • Jorel Decipulo – First Division Ensemble Performance Medal
  • Julia de la Rosa - First Division Ensemble Performance Medal
  • Jonah Robinson - First Division Ensemble Performance Medal
  • Khai Trinh - First Division Ensemble Performance Medal
  • Alex Fontenarosa - First Division Ensemble Performance Medal
  • Fereba Lee - First Division Ensemble Performance Medal


The annual Orchestra Spring Concert and Banquet was held on May 18th, 2018.  Please congratulate the following students on their recognitions.

Orchestra Officers for 2018-19

  • Lauren Jones – President
  • Devon Evertson – Vice President
  • Nicholas Jones – Honors Orchestra Representative
  • Omar Vasquez – Honors Orchestra Representative 

Outstanding Orchestra Students for 2017-18 (by vote of the students)

  • Freshmen
    • Bridget Osas
    • Quinn Eldridge
  • Sophomores
    • Tia Lemma
    • Linh Trinh
  •  Juniors
    • Joshua David
    • Lauren Jones
  • Seniors
    • Conner Le
    • Jorel Decipulo

Speech and Debate National WinnersSpeech and Debate

Speech and Debate competed in Denver the weekend of May 12 at the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions. Congratulations to Trevor Stewart and Benji Varnan, Octafinalists #32 in the Nation in Duo Acting, and Kylie Lavinsky, Octafinalist in Dramatic Interp #52 in the Nation.

Softball Awards

District 10-6A:
Defensive Player of the Year – Sierra Stone
Pitcher of the Year – Alexis Leflore
First Team All District – Emma Martinez
First Team All District – Neimyn Wakefield
Second Team All District – Launa Castaneda
Second Team All Distict – Liliana Amaya
Honorable Mention All District – Samantha Castillo
Honorable Mention All District- Stephanie Dale
Honorable Mention All District – Rebecca Gauer
Honorable Mention All District – Alesah Porras

Baseball Awards

All District Awards:
Senior - Christian Macias - 1st Team Shortstop
Sophomore - Cody Russell - 1st Team Pitcher
Senior - Hunter Tucker - 2nd Team Outfielder 
Junior - Johnny Garrison - 2nd Team Pitcher

GHS Math Team

Zachary Nguyen, a member of the GHS Math Team, competed in the state UIL Number Sense contest May 3rd and 4th in Austin. The great news is that Zachary placed sixth and scored 316. He had to compete against all grade levels. This contest ends the 2017-2018 contest season and the GHS Math Team placed "third" in Texas two years in a row.

Forensics Competition

Forensics students competed in STEAMposium events the weekend of April 29th.  These students brought back quite a few trophies even though they were the rookies of this competition.  There were 3 forensic science competitions and they placed in the following events:

  • Job Skills Showcase (students had to demonstrate a skill that they have learned related to forensic science).  We completely swept this event:
    • Grand Prize:  Jenny Montrel – demonstrated how to determine sex from human remains, namely using pelvis and skull.
    • 1st Place: Erick Zamora – demonstrated how bullets or shell casings can be linked to a particular firearm from the markings left on both when the weapon is fired.
    • 2nd Place: Angie Torres – demonstrated how blood typing works and how it can be used to narrow a pool of suspects or determine possible paternity.
    • 3rd Place: Frederick Person – demonstrated how gel electrophoresis is used to exclude or include suspects, as well as determine paternity.
  • Forensic Fingerprinting Challenge was an event where groups of 3 students worked together with specific roles to dust and lift for fingerprints, classify those prints and find minutiae, and the last member of each group was responsible for matching the lifted prints to 10-cards of suspects.  We took the top 2 trophies for this event (2nd and 3rd place went to SGHS):
    • Grand Prize – Elaina Ayala, Juan Carlos Moreno and Angie Torres
    • 1st Place – Tatum Ford, Savannah Johnson, and Leslie Salazar
  • CSI Drone was an event where students used drones to take aerial shots at a crime scene and then used those pictures from the drone to determine a plan of action before actually entering and processing the crime scene.  (This will be our area of improvement for next year.):
    • 3rd Place – Elaina Ayala, Juan Carlos Moreno and Angie Torres

ACTSO Competition

The following ACTSO students performed wonderfully and received the following awards on April 28, 2018:

  • Dramatics: Chinenye Agbalwu—Gold
  • Poetry-Written: Aina Moses - Bronze
  • Filmmaking: Aina Moses - Gold Medal 
  • Alex Mulugeta - Silver Medal 

GHS Florida Tour OrchestraGHS Orchestra

The Garland High School Florida Tour Orchestra received Superior Ratings and a Best in Class Award at the 39th Annual Panama City Beach Music Festival this weekend (April 28, 2018).  This ensemble was comprised of 39 students from both our Honors and Grand Philharmonic Orchestras.  The adjudicators were all college music directors and gave very encouraging and complementary comments on the performance.

National Latin Exam Awards

Cum Laude

Latin 1

  • Arath Dominguez
  • Samantha Durand
  • Gavin Greenwood
  • Esther Flowers

Latin 2

  • Scott Tran

Latin 3

  • Ray Peacock
  • Marlene Munoz

Latin 4

  • Shamira Kabir
  • Janet Koroma
  • Kathy Tran

Magna Cum Laude

Latin 2

  • Gia-Tihn Tran
  • Howard Mach

Latin 3

  • Adrienne Abellana

Latin 4

  • Ethan Durand
  • Amy Nguyen

Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal)

Latin 1

  • David Doan
  • Dean Hunt

Latin 2

  • Rhett Lundell
  • Jenny Doan
  • Andrew Lam
  • Bethel Asfaw
  • Brian Lam

Latin 3

  • John Hunt
  • Maxwell Lavinsky
  • Jessica Nguyen
  • Brian Tran
  • Jason Hoang
  • Olanrewaju Akande

Latin 4

  • Lan Nguyen
  • Nicole Nguyen

In addition to the National Latin Exam Awards, the following Juniors are being inducted into the National Latin Honor Society.  They will receive their academic patch today. Seniors who are continuing in the NLHS will receive their cords.  

There are three criteria set by NJCL in order to qualify for the National Latin Honor Society:

  1. You must be an active member of the local, state, and national Junior Classical League (in good standing)
  2. You must display good citizenship
  3. You must have/maintain an A average in your current Latin class

Juniors new to the NLHS are:

  • Adrienne Abellana
  • Jason Hoang
  • Mark Manickath
  • Brian Tran
  • Sahatsawat Sisomphone
  • My Tang

Senior members of the NLHS who are receiving their honor cords today are:

  • Jenna Byrne
  • Ethan Durand
  • Shamira Kabir
  • Kanet Koroma
  • Julia Mach
  • Kathy Tran
  • Amy Nguyen
  • Lan Nguyen
  • Nicole Nguyen
  • GHS Fine Arts UIL Results

Please offer congratulations to all of our students in the Mighty Owl Band, Theater and Film programs.

All three GHS performing concert bands received the Sweepstakes Award at the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluations the week of April 16th. As a department, this means that every GHS Music Organization (3 bands, 5 choirs, 3 orchestras) earned all First Division Ratings in both UIL Concert & Sight Reading. The last time this happened was in 2014.  As far as I have been able to research, this is only the second time in the school’s history (since 1902) that our students have achieved this honor.  The Texas UIL Music Standards are among the highest in the nation and all UIL adjudicators must strictly adhere to a rubric that clearly defines what is expected in each musical performance. 

Our theater students also represented themselves very well by advancing all the way to the regional level in the UIL One Act Play Event.

Fine Arts Film made it to semifinals in UIL for the first time this year as well.

Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer All-District We have some special girls at our school that gave it their all for every soccer game and this was reflected yesterday in our district meeting. Please join me in congratulating these young ladies for their dedication, hard work and perseverance on the field. 

  • Lizeth Martinez- First Team All-District
  • Sandra Cano- Second Team All-District
  • Stephanie Aguilar, Carmen Tobias- Honorable Mention All-District

GHS Spech & Debate

GHS speech & debate has 3 national qualifiers & we received the NSDA Leading Chapter Award! Trevor Stewart & Benji Varnan (2nd Place Duo Acting) and Bethany Bass (3rd Place Program Oral Interpretation) will be traveling to Florida this summer to compete at the National Speech and Debate Association tournament! Benji also placed 3rd in HI, but can only go in one event. Khoa Pham is an LD Debate Alternate and sweet Kylie Lavinsky gave up her Humorous finals spot to a girl from another school, because she's unable to go this summer. 

GHS Symphonic Band UIL Results

Our Symphonic Band attended the Region 3 UIL Concert and Sight Reading evaluation at Richardson High School on April 17th. With a wonderful stage performance and a very difficult and interestingly written sight reading piece, they were very pleased and elated when they received SWEEPSTAKES!!! 

This makes it the band's 4th Sweepstakes in history and 5 years in a row with 1's (Superior Rating) in sight reading. 

Speech and Debate

Khoa PhamKhoa Pham was just chosen as a member of the elite World Debate Team from the Lone Star National Speech and Debate District and will be competing in Florida at NSDA nationals this June with Bethany Bass (Program Oral Interp), Benjamin Varnan and Trevor Stewart (Duo Acting).  Khoa is our first member selected from GHS for this prestigious honor. Congratulations to Khoa and Mrs. Claeson (Debate Coach).

GHS Latin Competition

The weekend of April 14th, GHS hosted a Latin Competition.  Results are as follow:

  • Bethel Asfaw--2nd Place Latin Oratory Level 2 (National Qualifier!)
  • Parker Buckles--3rd Place Sight Recitation Level 5 (National Qualifier!)
  • Julia Mach--3rd Place Monochromatic Drawing (National Qualifier!)
  • Jason Hoang--4th Place Reading Comprehension Poetry Level 3
  • Nicole Nguyen--4th Place Digital Photography 
  • Kathy Tran--5th Place Latin Literature Level 4
  • Shamira Kabir--8th Place Greek Life and Literature Level 4
  • Jenny Doan--8th Place Reading Comprehension Level 2
  • Kathy Tran--9th Place Watercolors and Pastels
  • Jenny Doan--9th Place Dramatic Interpretation--Female Character Level 2

UIL Competition

The weekend of April 14th, UIL traveled to the wonderful city of Waco for UIL Regionals. GHS finished 4th overall out of 37 schools competing. 

Zachary Nguyen, Adeeb Momen, Ja'ela Soloman, and Nicholas Vidal will be traveling to Austin to represent us at the State meet on May 4th and 5th. Please wish them good luck when you see them!

Number Sense 2nd place team

  • Zachary Nguyen 3rd
  • Jake Wendling 5th

Calculator 2nd place team

  • Zachary Nguyen 6th

Persuasive Speaking

  • Linh Trinh 6th

Poetry Interpretation

  • Kylie Lavinsky 6th

Prose Interpretation

  • Kirsten Osborne 6th

Feature Writing 

  • Emily  Hernandez 6th

Ready Writing

  • Isaac Yu 5th

Spelling  1st place team

  • Adeeb Momen 2nd
  • Ja'ela Soloman 6th

Jazz Ensemble News

Congratulations to the GHS Jazz Ensemble for being recognized as an outstanding band at the Collin College Jazz Festival.  Brennan Youngblood, bass guitarist, was the Festival's outstanding musician of the day and Enrique Garcia Hernandez, trombonist, was one of four musicians recognized as outstanding soloists.  Various other honorable mentions were received as well.

Geoffrey Snider, drummer, has been recognized as CW33's outstanding Class Act.  


Please congratulate Emily Hernandez and Tatum Ford, as both qualified for regionals on March 22, 2018, at the district UIL journalism competition.

Emily repeated as News Writing champion, and also added a second place in Editorial Writing and third place in Feature Writing.  Tatum filled in for one of our other writers who had to back out and placed third in Headline Writing. 

Step Team

Step Team in WashingtonCongratulations to the Garland High School Step Program on their trip March 22-24 to the nation's capital to compete in the Game of Step Competition hosted by Eleanor Roosevelt High School and Step Afrika. GHS walked away with the 2nd Place trophy and had the opportunity to visit a few national monuments which was a very enriching experience for the students. 

GHS Latin

On February 24th, GHS Latin Club traveled to Fort Worth Country Day School to compete in the district level Latin competition. All of our students did very well! The results are below.

  • Bethel Asfaw 1st Place Latin Oratory Level 2
  • Mark Manickath 1st Place Mottoes Level 3
  • Jason Hoang 1st Place Reading Comprehension Level 3
  • Julia Mach 1st Place Monochromatic Drawing
  • Ethan Durand 1st Place Vocabulary Level 4
  • Jenna Byrne 1st Place Mythology Level 4
  • Shamir Kabir 1st Place Roman Life Level 4
  • Amy Nguyen 1st Place Mottoes Level 4
  • Parker Buckles 1st Place Sight Recitation Level 5
  • Kathy Tran 2nd Place Watercolor
  • Julia Mach 2nd Place Roman Life Level 4
  • Kathy Tran 2nd Place Latin Literature Level 4
  • Gia Tran 2nd Place Greek Life and Literature Level 2
  • Gia Tran 2nd Place Latin Literature Level 2
  • Nicole Nguyen 2nd Place Mottoes Level 4
  • Jenna Doan 2nd Place Reading Comprehension Level 2
  • Mark Manickath 2nd Place Reading Comprehension Level 3
  • Andrew Lam 2nd Place Roman Life Level 2
  • Amy Nguyen 2nd Place Vocabulary Level 4
  • Jenny Doan 2nd Place Dramatic Interpretation Level 2
  • Lan Nguyen 3rd Place Reading Comprehension Prose Level 4
  • Nicole Nguyen 3rd Place Latin Literature Level 4
  • Bethel Asfaw 3rd Place Mottoes Level 2
  • Shamira Kabir 3rd Place Greek Life And Literature Level 4
  • Kathy Tran 3rd Place Greek Derivatives Level 4
  • My Tang 5th Place Advanced Grammar Level 5
  • Jenna Byrne 6th Place Roman History Level 4
  • Adrienne Abellana 6th Place Mythology Level 3
  • Julia Mach 6th Place Ancient Geography Level 4
  • Lan Nguyen 7th Place Latin Derivatives Latin 3
  • Jason Hoang 7th Place Sight Recitation Level 3
  • Brian Tran 7th Place Mottoes Latin 3
  • Sahatsawat Sisophane 7th Place Vocabulary Level 3
  • Parker Buckles 8th Place Latin Derivatives Level 5
  • Janet Koroma 8th Place Ancient Geography Level 4
  • Brian Tran 8th Place Advanced Grammar Level 3
  • Janet Koroma 9th Place Mythology Level 4
  • Gillian Lyons 9th Place Vocabulary Level 2

Girls Basketball

On March 23, 2018, Chioma Elegoyne and Haleigh Johnson will be signing to play basketball next year at Southwestern College in Kansas.  Congratulations, ladies!

Math/Science Team

The GHS Math/Science Team traveled to San Antonio for the state TMSCA meet March 15-17.  As a team, we placed 3rd in Number Sense, 12th in Calculator, 10th in Math, 14th in Science and 7th in Sweepstakes.   We have placed in the top 7 in Texas five years in a row.  We have one of the best Number Sense teams in Texas!
The great news is that Zachary Nguyen is the 10th grade state champion in Number Sense with a score of 296!  As far as I know, Zachary is the only HS math state champion Garland ISD has ever produced!
Other outstanding individual Number Sense scores were:  Norman Chung, a junior, placed 4th with a 287.  Sophomores Isaac Yu placed 5th with a 194 and Howard Mach placed 11th with a 173.  Freshmen Jake Wendling placed 4th with a 215, Grant Swallow placed 12th with a 171, and Tiffany Doan placed 16th with a 152. 
In Calculator, Alina Dam placed 17th with a 161 and Brandon Pham placed 19th in Science with a 52.

Art Advancing to StateArt Advancing to StateArt Showing

Congratulations to GHS art students who participated at V.A.S.E. the weekend of March 3rd and 4th. Out of 120 students, our Owl artists won 127 medals. Those pieces that scored a "4" receive a medal. Students are judged not only on their art but also their interview. We have two (2) pieces advancing to State this year by GHS students Khoi Le and Stephanie Alejandre.  

Celebration SingersCelebration Singers

The Celebration Singers participated in the Madrigal Festival in San Antonio on March 3rd and 4th.  They were designated "Performance of Distinction" and represented our school in the best possible way.  Please congratulate these students on their fine performance.

Math/Science Team

The Math/Science Team traveled to North Lamar HS in Paris on March 3rd.  The Number Sense Team record went to 6-0, with a score of 969 points.  The team placed second in Calculator 864 to 925, second in Math 742 to 1017, and second in Science 360 to 482 and first in Sweepstakes 2935 to 2754.

  • Norman Chung scored 341 in NS (1st), 203 in Cal (2nd), 206 in Math(3rd), and 58 in Sci (5th).
  • Zachary Nguyen scored 265 in NS (1st), 231 in Cal (1st), 212 in Math (1st), and 118 in Sci (1st).
  • Howard Mach scored 161 in NS (2nd), 154 in Cal (2nd), 102 in Math (4th), and 36 in Sci (4th).
  • Isaac Yu scored 117 in NS (4th), 130 in Math (2nd), and 68 in Sci (2nd).
  • Jake Wendling scored 186 in NS (1st), 142 in Cal (3rd). 120 in Math (1st), and 72 in Sci (1st).
  • Grant Swallow scored 177 in NS (2nd) and 140 in Cal (4th).
  • Tiffany Doan scored 148 in NS (3rd). 149 in Cal (2nd), 70 in Math (5th), and 38 in Sci (5th).
  • Vivian Thai scored 147 in NS (4th) and 72 in Math (4th).
  • Alina Dam scored 116 in NS (5th). 168 in Cal (1st), and 112 in Math (2nd).
  • Brandon Pham scored 46 in Sci (3rd).    


Our GHS Winterguard competed at the North Texas Colorguard Association Contest at Sachse High School Friday night, 3/2/18, and placed 2nd in Scholastic AA Class. This is a great achievement for them! 

Their next performances are:

  • March 21st: GISD Winterguard Showcase at Sachse HS
  • April 7th: Scholastic AA/A Championship at Flower Mound HS

Speech & Debate

March 1, Speech & Debate traveled to the Texas Forensic Association State Meet in La Vernia, Texas. 
Congratulations to our State Semifinalist in Humorous Interpretation: KYLIE LAVINSKY (#13 in the State)!
KHOA PHAM broke to out rounds in LD DEBATE and ranked #35 in the State! He is our first nationally ranked debater #42 and first debater to break at this extremely competitive state meet in the past 12 years. Congratulations to Khoa and our debate coach, Tammy Claeson. 
State Quarterfinalists included: 
  • Benjamin Varnan in Humorous Interpretation #19 in the State
  • Danita Mathew in Informative Speaking #23 in the State
  • Bethany Bass in Program Oral Interpretation #29 in the State 
  • Kylie Lavinsky in Dramatic Interpretation #29 in the State 
  • Sarah Olivarez in Poetry Interpretation #31 in the State 
GHS Orchestra


Please offer your congratulations to all of the student members of the Garland High School Orchestra program.  All three performing ensembles:

  • Honors Symphony Orchestra,
  • Honors String Orchestra, and
  • Grand Philharmonic Orchestra

received the Sweepstakes Award (1st division ratings in both Concert and Sight Reading) at the UIL Region 3 Orchestra Concert and Sight Reading Evaluations held this week at Berkner High School.


Holden Wisener placed first in the Up Town Classic at Las Colinas Country Club on February 26, 2018.  Congrats! 

Theta Nu Sigma Step TeamTheta Nu Sigma Step Team

Theta Nu Sigma Step Team took home Grand Champion and were two (2) points from a perfect score in California the weekend of February 24, 2018. 

Congratulations, members of the GHS Step Program.

Cabinetmaking Competition

Cabinetmaking Competition EntriesGarland High School Cabinetmaking class competed at SKILLS USA last Saturday. GHS had all 19 students advance to state with 1st place superior ratings!
The following students competed and will advance to state:
  • Allen Acosta 
  • Fernando Aguirre 
  • Osmin Arvizu 
  • Faustino Barron 
  • Joseph Castilleja
  • Christian Estrada  
  • Dale Cozart 
  • Marco Guardiola 
  • Felix Juarez 
  • Cabinetmaking Competition EntriesKevin Lorado  
  • Cristobal Perez 
  • Jose Pina 
  • Carlos Tepanco 
  • Eric Saucedo 
  • Sam Turcios 
  • Daniel Romero 
  • Andrew Akin 
  • David Pantoja
  • Jonathon Rivera  

Athletic Signings

Athletic SigningsAn assembly was held on February 12, 2018, to celebrate the athletic college signings for GHS. 

  • Basketball - Keidren Rose (Escolar University, Manila, Philippines)
  • Softball - Sierra Stone (Northwestern State University)
  • Softball - Emma Martinez (Austin College)
  • Football - Isaiah Dixon (Henderson State Univ)
  • Football - Jaron Holcomb (Oklahoma Baptist University)
  • Football - Trent Smith (Southern Nazarene University)

Congratulations, athletes!

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