Anita Roland, School Counselor

Certifications: BS Degree, Computer Science, University of Lafayette, LA; Masters, School Counseling, Amberton University.

Mrs. Roland joined the Dallas Independent School District in 1994, and the Garland Independent School District in 2000.  In 2008, she came to us in Shorehaven, where she has excelled at her job.

Get to Know Our Counselor

Mrs. Roland is available to learners throughout the school day.  You may reach Mrs. Roland at 972-494-8346 during school hours.

Mrs. Roland knows how to help any student with any problem, large or small.  If a student needs help with bullies, or a brother or sister is teasing too much, or some thoughtless person is insulting our valued scholar...  or even if there is a situation outside of school that worries our student...  Mrs. Roland knows just what to do, whom to call, and what to say to make the coming days brighter and better.  We're very lucky to have her!

Ten ways to be a great parent

Mrs. Roland has suggested "Ten ways to be a great parent," from BrightStar:
Mothers and fathers can boost their parenting skills and make a positive, lifelong impact on their children by following principles that include...
1) Be a good role model. Your child learns from the examples you set.
2) Show respect for your child's feelings, thoughts, and suggestions.
3) Make your child feel loved with your words of praise, and your hugs and kisses.
4) Keep your word. If you must break it, apologize and make it up to your child.
5) Encourage your child's creativity. Ask questions to stimulate imagination.
6) Build your child's self-esteem by showing appreciation for all genuine efforts.
7) Stay involved. Know what's going on in your child's life both at school and with friends.
8) Discipline your child fairly, firmly, and with love. Focus on the behavior, not the child.
9) Set up family traditions and make time to do fun things together.
10) Think positively. By expecting the best, you empower yourself and your child to solve problems and achieve goals.


What Can My Counselor Do For Me?

Counselors will help you by:

  • reviewing your choice of subject during the registration period (February - April)
  • providing study skills and academic information
  • providing career and college information
  • helping in teacher/student relationships
  • helping cope with family issues
  • listening to concerns about friends, etc.
  • giving you information about life and decision-making skills
  • referring you to people or places outside of school for help if necessary
  • being your advocate – counselors are here for you!

In addition, counselors also are in charge of:

  • Character Counts classroom presentations explaining the 6 Character Traits:  Trustworthiness. responsibility, respect, citizenship, caring, and fairness
  • College and career readiness:  Including campus college displays and activities, college day, and elementary college EXPO (May) 
  • R-Time anti-bullying program
  • Career and course planning
  • Child abuse training for teachers and staff
  • Anti victimization ( e.g., we help ourselves, safety net, and home alone)
  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Consultation with teachers, parents and staff

Counselors for each campus are certified by the state of Texas in school chelp ensure that adequate support for helping students to succeed and meet their goals is available.

Visit the district website for more information about the GISD Guidance & Counseling programs. 

GISD Ready! College/Career/Life Program Now Available!

The GISD Ready! College.Career.LIfe program is an integral part of the GISD culture. Helping students to explore, plan, and take actions that help them prepare for the future is part of daily life in the classroom and special events across the district. In addition to the academic rigor of our classrooms and the variety of resources on this Ready! site, campus staff and district departments work together to provide a variety of events to spark imaginations and provide assistance. Come back often for information and highlights of featured activities such as college day, career days, financial aid workshops and more.


Bullying and Cybersafety

No student should be subjected to bullying or harassment that interferes with their ability to learn or their safety.

Visit the district website for more information and resources related to bullying and cybersafety.

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