Ms. Johnson's Portrait

Instructor: Jacquelyn Johnson

Instructional Focus

Fourth Six Weeks

  • 4th Grade:
    • Contact Point
    • Left hand accuracy
    • Eight notes
  • 5th Grade:
    • Articulation
    • Dynamic Contrast
    • Sight Reading
    • Slurs and Ties

Walnut Glen Academy offers 4th and 5th grade students the opportunity to learn to play a stringed instrument. In orchestra classes, through both auditory and visual learning, students will learn to read and perform music on a bowed string instrument through twice per week instruction and numerous performances throughout the school year. Beginning 4th and 5th grade students may choose to learn the violin, viola, or cello without any prior musical experience. Advanced classes are also offered for second year 5th grade students. In addition to violin, viola, and cello, a few spots are open each year to advanced students interested in learning to play either the harp or the double bass.

2 female students are watching another play the the violin.

Elementary orchestra classes are not only a great opportunity for students to learn to read/perform music, but these classes also provide orchestra members with a solid foundation in musical appreciation and develop the framework essential to success in all areas of learning for your child. If you have interest in the effects of learning to play a musical instrument on the brain.

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