Zero Hour 8:00-8:40
1st Period 8:50-9:39
2nd Period 9:44-10:33
3rd Period 10:38-11:27
4th Period 6th grade 11:32-12:56/7th & 8th grade 11:32-12:21
5th Period 6th grade 1:01-2:00/7th & 8th grade 12:26-2:00
6th Period 2:05-3:02
7th Period 3:07-400

*Sixth graders with first lunch attend 4th period after eating.

Lunch Schedule

A: 11:32-12:02
B: 12:26-12:56
C: 12:56-1:28
D: 1:28-2:00



Tutorials are held from 8am to 8:40 and 4pm to 4:50 almost daily.  Please use the schedule to determine each teacher's tutorial times.



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