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George Washington Carver alumni present portrait of George Washington Carver


Our school is named after George Washington Carver who is a hero to all of our students due to his great achievements as a scientist, educator, and humanitarian. 

Although the actual date of his birth is unknown, Dr. Carver thought he was born in January of 1864.  He faced prejudice repeatedly, but he fought against school segregation by pursuing higher education and earning advanced degrees at Iowa State University.  Dr. Carver had a distinguished career of scientific achievement and teaching in which he revolutionized agricultural methods in the south and throughout the world.  In 1910, the Board of Trustees at Tuskegee Institute established the Department of Agricultural Research and placed Dr. Carver in charge.  Dr. Carver gave up most of his teaching responsibilities at that time, but devoted himself to creative science and helping others to solve agricultural problems across the country and the world.   He died in 1943 and is buried at Tuskegee Institute where he served until the time of his death.

George Washington Carver Elementary is also named in honor of a former Garland ISD campus.  The original George Washington Carver School was an elementary school that opened in 1936 and served the African-American children of Garland ISD in grades 1-8 as well as high school students in later years. 

The landmark “Brown vs. Board of Education” Supreme Court ruling in 1954 signaled the end of school segregation.  Elementary-aged students continued at Carver until 1970 when the school was finally closed.  The original George Washington Carver School and its alumni give the new Carver Elementary a legacy of learning from the past for the future.

The faculty, staff, and students look to Dr. Carver and the alumni of the original Carver school as role models for attaining high levels of achievement in academics and life through hard work and dedication.

This year, George Washington Carver Elementary was filled with students who were enthusiastic about learning and who shared a wonderful first year together.

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