Art class

A message from our art teacher

art studio

I am Mrs. Farris and I am the Art Instructor at Park Crest and Williams Elementary schools. I teach young artist ranging from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. I believe on a well-rounded education and that Art plays a major role in this as students are allowed to be creative and express themselves differently in the Art Studio.  I believe it is important for Art lessons to create interdisciplinary connection to Language Art, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

 I started in Garland ISD Fall of 2015 as an Art Educator.  I am privileged to have been part of a growing program in GISD. I have watched in amazement as the students grow while being exposed to create new things and reach new heights. Through Art Education I hope to facilitate critical thinking and creative problem solving while guiding my students to be visually literate and understand the world around them.