Physical education

Welcome to our PE page.  We are looking forward to a great active year. A couple of things you should know.

- If your student needs to sit out of PE, please send a written note with the excuse and how long they need to sit out.  If he/she will miss more than 3 days please send a doctors note.

- Your student will come to practice either on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Please send your student in correct athletic shoes.  Basically no boots or dress shoes on PE day.  Ask your student what day they go to PE.

P.E. dress code

For safety reasons, we recommend students wear athletic shoes with closed toes and heels.  Since girls and boys participate together for some activities, it is desirable for girls to wear shorts under dresses and skirts.


Medical information

For the protection of your child, we need to know if any medical history or present condition will limit his or her participation.  Please advise the school if any problem of this type arises during the school year.