Dual credit

Dual credit course is a college course taken for both high school and college credit. Junior and senior students who meet eligibility requirements can take dual credit courses.

A dual credit course is a college level course. Students with great time management skills, strong study skills and a strong willingness to work can be successful in these courses.

Dual credit classes available at RHS

  • English Language APDC

  • English Literature APDC

  • Pre-Calculus DC

  • US History APDC

  • Government APDC

  • Texas Government DC

  • Sociology DC

  • Digital Interactive Media DC

  • Marketing DC

  • Human Growth and Development DC

  • Future Teacher Internship DC

Eligibility requirements

Before enrolling you must review eligibility requirements for the Dual Credit program with your high school counselor. 

Students must:

  • Complete the online admissions application for high school students.
  • Complete the high school student enrollment form.
  • Obtain an official high school transcript.
  • Ensure all required documents are submitted to the Dual Credit Office at the college you plan to attend.
  • Take and/or provide proof of required testing.

We administer the placement exam on campus for Dual Credit qualification. 

Dual credit application packets

Dual Credit Packets are available in the counseling office. It contains time sensitive material, please do not wait until the deadline to complete the packet.

TSI assessment for Dual Credit

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a placement test to help determine if a student is ready for college-level course work in reading, writing and mathematics. Students must complete an application and take the TSI assessment in order to qualify for dual credit courses. There is a deadline for application and testing.

Some students may be exempt from TSI:

  • EOC English II score of 4000
  • SAT composite of 1070(CR+M) with a minimum of 500 in each area
  • ACT composite of 23 and a minimum of 19 in English/Math. 

Visit the Testing information page for more information about taking the TSI.