Tuesday, February 23 - Interim STAAR EOC Testing


On Tuesday, February 23, all 9th/10th grade students will take the Interim STAAR EOC English I or II exam from 7:30 AM until 10:39 AM.

  • All 9th/10th grade students will report to their Testing Room by 7:25 AM.
  • All 9th/10th grade remote students are encouraged to come to school face to face for the Interim exam on campus to practice and prepare for the actual STAAR exam that will take place in April and May.
  • All 9th/10th grade students will bring their Chromebooks fully charged and will bring the charging cord for the exam on Tuesday.
  • If health restricts a remote 9th/10th grade student from coming to the campus face to face on Tuesday, they may take the Interim STAAR EOC English I or II exam via a special testing Google Meet. HOWEVER, the State of Texas will not allow the real STAAR EOC test to be taken from home in April/May. All students must report to campus to take the real test. The STAAR EOC tests are a graduation requirement for the State of Texas.
  • All 11th/12th grade students will report straight to their B6 class Tuesday morning and will have a regular B6 class period, plus some SAT, TSI, and other prep. On Tuesday, NO student will attend their B5 class. Everyone will start the day either in a testing room or in their B6 class and remain there until 10:39.
  • If a 9th/10th grade student does not report to testing either face-to-face or remotely, they will be marked absent.
  • If an 11th/12th grade student does not report to their B6 class on Friday, they will be marked absent.
  • After the STAAR EOC Interim exam ends at 10:39, we will go back to our regular bell schedule and students will attend their B7 & B8 classes as usual. Only remote learners will be allowed to leave campus once the test administration has concluded.
  • Students who attend the GRCTC for the AM Session on B days will go to the GRCTC as usual. This schedule does not affect them.
  • More information regarding testing rooms and virtual exam Google meets codes will be emailed to students tomorrow, Monday, February 22.
  • 9th/10th grade students will also receive room assignments from their teachers tomorrow.
  • Students will need to also check their school email for this information tomorrow to prepare for Tuesday.
  • This test is nothing that students need to study for. This is to measure growth so that we make sure instruction mirrors deficits and students are prepared for the real STAAR in April/May.

As a reminder, 9th/10th grade interim testers:

  • Get to bed early Monday night to be well rested,
  • Eat a good breakfast Tuesday morning, and
  • Arrive early to school Tuesday
  • Be sure to bring a fully charged Chromebook with the charging cord.